The Insane Reason the UK is Refusing to Deport Illegal Alien Rapists

Tomas Ragina /
Tomas Ragina /

An illegal alien child rapist from Eritrea has won a reprieve from deportation in the UK after successfully arguing that it would be bad for his mental health if he’s sent home. In a further insult to the British people, authorities are refusing to publicly release the child rapist’s name. It’s important that we pay attention to these legal battles taking place in the UK because the insane rulings of the courts over there will be coming to the courts here in the US in a few short years.

The man in question was just released after serving a ten-year prison sentence for attacking a 13-year-old girl back in 2014. He was supposed to be deported after that but appealed the deportation to an immigration tribunal. The convicted child rapist argued that he would not be able to receive treatment for depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) if he was sent home. His lawyers also found a doctor to testify that the child rapist would likely commit suicide if he’s deported (which many people would view as a bonus).

The child rapist came to the UK illegally to avoid being drafted into military service. His lawyers—provided to him at taxpayer expense—claimed the man would be punished for avoiding military service if he went back as well.

As a result of the immigration tribunal’s decision, the convicted child rapist now gets to stay in the UK, despite a public safety report that lists him as a severe risk to children in his local community. His crime against the 13-year-old girl back in 2014 was so heinous that news outlets won’t even reprint a description of what he did to the poor girl.

“This man committed a serious criminal offence and should be nowhere near this country,” said conservative MP Nigel Mills. “If he was concerned about losing mental health treatment or being arrested for fleeing the draft, he should have thought about that before he committed the crime. This decision is another sign the tribunal system is deeply out of touch with the rest of Britain.”

This case isn’t an isolated incident. Last year, a 43-year-old Gambian illegal alien named Joachim Carlos convinced an immigration tribunal to allow him to stay in the UK. Carlos is a convicted rapist who has been deemed a significant ‘danger to women.’ One of his first acts in the country was to rape a woman in Edinburgh at knifepoint.

Carlos successfully argued to the tribunal that if he were deported back to Gambia, he would not be able to receive the medicines needed to treat his mental health.

In another recent case, the UK granted refugee asylum to a child molester from Afghanistan. That man argued in his asylum, pleading that the Afghans were going to execute him if he stayed in his home country. So, he now lives in the UK while leeching off the public welfare system.

In an especially outlandish case, a 40-year-old immigration activist in the UK named Anicet Mayela pleaded guilty to raping a 15-year-old girl. When he was about to be loaded on an Air France flight for deportation, the bleeding-heart cabin crew thwarted the immigration officers. Mayela’s hand was broken in the altercation. He successfully argued that his human rights were violated, so now he gets to stay in the UK while his handlers are under police investigation.

This is incredibly insulting to the native Brits. Illegal alien sex criminals are afforded more rights than the women and children they are victimizing. The sad thing is that the court system here in the US will be doing the same thing in a few years without major policy changes.