Illegal Aliens Stealing Truckloads of Oil in West Texas

Salty D0g Photography /
Salty D0g Photography /

Joe Biden’s horde of illegal alien invaders has unleashed a crime wave across the country like Americans have never seen before. According to one Member of Congress, anything that is not bolted down in the oilfields of West Texas is now being stolen by criminal gangs of illegals. That includes tanker trucks filled with oil. The phenomenon is so new that Texas law enforcement agencies are not even sure where the stolen trucks and other items are ending up. All they know is that they have never seen anything like this before in American history.

We’re officially a Third World bandit country now, thanks to Joe Biden. The wave of unprecedented heists has been taking place across the Permian Basin in West Texas, the nation’s largest continental oilfield outside of Alaska. The Winkler County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve seen a dramatic increase in major heists across the county in recent months. The gangs carrying out the thefts are primarily Cuban, and law enforcement believes they are trucking the stolen goods back into Mexico for the drug cartels.

One of the tactics the bandits are using is to drive an empty tanker truck up to an oil storage tank and fill it up. In other cases, they steal unattended trucks that are already full of oil. The trucks then vanish, so it’s fairly obvious that they’re being driven into Mexico.

The thieves are also stealing oilfield equipment, scrap metal, pipes, work boots and clothing, and even large quantities of water and soil. Rep. Tony Gonzalez (R-TX) represents an area that spans approximately 800 miles along the Texas-Mexico border. He says that this crime wave that Joe Biden deliberately caused is a threat to America’s energy security.

Gonzalez spoke with every sheriff in his district, and they all say that oil thefts are a major problem in their counties. The heists started about a year ago and have ramped up in recent months as the thieves become even more brazen.

Matt Coday, the president of the Oil and Gas Workers Association, says the problem is an existential threat to the United States, in addition to directly threatening the jobs of employees in the oil sector. Entire truckloads of oil are being stolen from small, independent producers, which threatens to put them out of business.

Local law enforcement is being forced to develop new tactics to deal with the problem. Sheriff’s departments that are already overburdened by all the rapes, domestic violence, burglaries, and other problems that the illegal aliens are causing are now having to send extra patrols to guard the oilfields. Sheriff’s deputies and local cops are also being trained on how to check documents of drivers they pull over to ensure they’re not driving a truckload of stolen oil.

Drug cartels have taken over much of Mexico’s oil production over the past decade, so they are the most likely culprits organizing these thefts. Joe Biden already lets them get away with everything else they want to do in America, so why not steal our oil as well?

This problem is accelerating right now as American consumers need more oil production, rather than less. The Biden regime has drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to its lowest level in decades, and gas prices are expected to continue to rise for the rest of the year. Californians are already paying nearly $6 a gallon again. Every truckload of oil that vanishes in the middle of the night represents further a strain on the system.

Rep. Gonzalez is organizing a joint task force involving all the state and local law enforcement in West Texas to try to curb the number of heists. The question is whether they’ll be able to make a dent in the problem or if law enforcement is simply too outnumbered by the illegal alien criminal gangs.