Greta Thunberg Jumps on the Pro-Palestine Bandwagon

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You probably haven’t heard a lot from Greta Thunberg recently. Sadly, she’s making a comeback, but it’s not for climate change.

As I am sure you’ve heard, there have been a lot of protests of late against Israel around the world. And seeing as that is Thunberg’s main scene, she has naturally jumped on the pro-Palestine bandwagon.

To be clear, she’s been involved in a number of “demonstrations” and such since the early days of this movement, meaning just days after Hamas’ cowardly attack on Israel last October.

And now, she’s even getting herself arrested for it.

According to Reuters, Thunberg was present in Malmo, Sweden, for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, in which singers from a variety of nations come to show off their talents. Twenty-year-old Eden Golan was there to represent Israel.

Naturally, the mere presence of an Israel-born and proud woman was enough to encourage thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters to show up to demonstrate their disapproval. As Sky News noted, some 10,000 to 12,000 marched against Golan as she rehearsed her song for the contest’s semifinal round.

Greta was among the many carrying signs depicting injured Gazan citizens, throwing smoke canisters in the color of Palestine’s flag, and flying banners reading things like “genocide.” All to smear one lone young woman with no choice as to her heritage or country of origin.

The kicker here, however, is not necessarily that Greta supports this movement or her beliefs. Instead, it’s been made quite clear that this is really just another desperate attempt for her to stay relevant.

As you likely remember, she became famous as one of the world’s youngest and seemingly sincerest climate change activists, receiving all sorts of popularity and attention.

But since becoming an adult, her popularity has waned, as has the acceptance of the whole climate change narrative. So, what is she to do but attach herself to the next big and controversial thing – being pro-Palestine…

It’s sad, really.