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Democrats really have to be careful about biting the hands that feed them, especially when they’re so quick (and loud) to criticize. Tiffany Easley is one such Dem, the owner of NV My Eyewear. She was recently featured on an advertisement for Biden’s campaign, talking about how Trump has...
Who can possibly forget the couple in St. Louis brandishing weapons when BLM protesters illegally trespassed on their property? With violence and destruction raging on every street, avenue, park, and capital building in America, who can blame them? How were they to know the protester’s intent? Even though the couple,...
Chicago, Illinois, as one of the nation’s largest cities, undoubtedly has seen its fair share of violence and mayhem. But the past few weeks have proven to be more dangerous and deadly than ever. As the Associated Press reported, by the middle of the day on the day after...


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