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Prostitution is What Will Help the Economy?

Prostitution is arguably one of the worst things to plague modern society. It is considered barbaric and most un-Christian-like. Yet, a professor at the...

Teacher Gone After Showing First Graders Unbelievably Inappropriate Lessons

Parents at an Upper East Side school are furious after information about their kid’s health class came out and with good reason. As parents, it’s...

Stacey Abrams Accuses GOP of Insurrection with Election Bills

As you have no doubt heard by now, many states throughout the nation have begun pushing through efforts to reform or fix our election...

AOC Reveals All in Apocalyptic Statements About Elections

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one politician that many have a hard time taking seriously. Her selfish actions and near abusive tendencies have led many to...

Kamala Harris’s Border Fail Becomes Devastating Official Record-Breaking Event

Recent figures from Customs and Border Protection show that Vice President Kamala Harris has allowed the United States to break decades-old records for the...

DeSantis Clear on a Banning Transgender Surgery for Minors

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida just responded to the question regarding signing a bill that would ban transgender surgeries for minors. His answer...

Taliban Grows Stronger in Afghanistan – Here’s Why

It’s been almost twenty years since we began our long-standing war on terrorism in the Middle East. That’s twenty years of spending some $2 trillion,...


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