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Fauci Warns That He’ll Do “Anything” To Protect Us Against Omicron

Dr. Fauci pretends that he knows what’s best for the country. And, unfortunately, he has the ear of the entire Biden administration. It seems...

South African Doctor Who Noticed Omicron Says Symptoms are “Unusual but Mild”

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new variant of the COVID-19 virus on the loose. And just like with the formerly identified Delta...

Energy Secretary Granholm Facing Ethical Concerns for Pushing Electric Vehicle Company She Has Financial Interests In

When you take any political office, you are supposed to disclose all financial holdings. You are supposed to not reference them or push them...

DeSantis Ready for Next Major Victory As State Legislature Moves To Pass Major Changes

Florida is leading the way when it comes to passing bills to keep people from being dominated by mandates being issued by the president. The...

Koch Network Joining Former Presidents To Help Resettle the Afghans Biden Actually Got Out

Of all the things leaders have gotten together for recently, the withdrawal from Afghanistan is the one that has gotten the most former American...

FBI Admits Their Parent Investigation Is Worse Than Previously Stated

The recent discovery of the FBI’s creating a database and tagging data on parents for speaking out about their child’s education has sent shock...

Academics Tripping Over Themselves To Speak Up for Fellow Professor’s Pedophile Defense

Academics never fail to surprise us with their quirky ideas and unique perspectives on the way the world works. Recently Old Dominion professor Allyn...


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