Seattle May Close 20 Elementary Schools After Blowing Its Budget on Illegal Aliens


Like every large major city in America run by Democrats, Seattle, WA, quickly rolled out the red carpet when Joe Biden’s occupying army of illegal aliens showed up. The bad news for the Americans living in Seattle is that their city was already broke. After burning through hundreds of millions of dollars to coddle a foreign army of adult men, the school is now considering shutting down 20 elementary schools.

The city’s school district budget was already $100 million in the hole when Biden’s invaders started showing up. The city government has run out of discretionary cash and last month, a huge group of illegal aliens lost their “free” hotel rooms when the city couldn’t pay for them any longer. The horde has besieged a city park and is refusing to leave until they get their welfare gravy train back.

As for the school district, it currently has 73 elementary schools spread across the city. More than 25% of them are at risk of shutting down because the city completely bankrupted itself on the illegal aliens. Approximately 6,000 students would be impacted by the closures, and their parents would have to drive them even further—in Seattle’s notoriously bad traffic—to get them to and from their new schools every day.

Parents are opposed to the idea, obviously, because of the nightmare commute and because 6,000 students would be crammed into the city’s remaining 53 schools. Those schools are already overcrowded, and the situation has only gotten worse as illegal alien children are being accommodated.

The closures are not slated to happen until the 2025-2026 school year. Maybe Seattle will get lucky if Donald Trump is reelected. If he wins the 2024 election and deports all of Seattle’s illegal aliens, the Democrats running the city would be forced to start caring about Americans again.