Minnesota Unveils New Flag To Prevent Hurting Native Americans’ Feelings

railway fx / shutterstock.com
railway fx / shutterstock.com

Organizations continue to adapt their names, slogans, and symbols to keep pace with the woke crowds. From small companies to large corporations, the woke in the US are forcing massive change. The State of Minnesota is one of them now, and they have replaced its state flag and state seal with something completely against what the residents of the state wanted.

While the flag has had a few designs over the years, the most recent one featured the state seal over a blue background. On the seal was a Native American riding his horse as another man of slightly darker skin tone was plowing the field. The 11 state-recognized Dakota and Ojibwe tribes all agreed that this flag and state seal were offensive.

Facing pressure to change both, the state settled on a dark blue shape on the left that they say is designed to represent the shape of Minnesota (very abstractly). With an 8-pointed North Star shape in white over it, it seems to represent the tranquil bounty of Minnesota. On the right side is light blue, symbolic of the 10,000 lakes the state is infamous for.

Meanwhile, the new state seal features a loon posed like a hummingbird as it lands on a lake. With sprigs of wild rice behind it, pine trees, and a four-pointed northern star, it links everything together. As the state bird and grain, they help form a cohesive pair.

Changing everything around to prevent hurt feelings is a horrible excuse for doing anything. The old symbol and flag were historic and represented the growth of agriculture and trade across the state. As poor as their reasoning behind the decision is, this new flag and state seal stand out on a grand scale. Given how woke their state is becoming, thanks to a massive influx of immigration, this was a relatively calm compromise.