Even in Jersey, Trump Can Draw 100k Supporters

Tom Stiglich / creators.com
Tom Stiglich / creators.com

Holding a rally in blue-dominated Wildwood, New Jersey, did not seem like a safe idea for the Trump campaign, at least on the surface. The south-Jersey beach city only has 5,157 full-time residents and isn’t known for its love of conservative politics. Yet former President Donald Trump’s rally proved to be an enigma, something even his biggest detractors couldn’t shake. Drawing in a crowd estimated to be between 80,000 and 100,000, according to Fox News, the man makes waves even in the face of adversity.

Joined by Governor Doug Burgum (R-SD), who gave the opening speech, Trump looked magnificent as he played to the crowds. Proclaiming his confidence in changes at the polls, he told supporters that he was seeing a huge shift in momentum. He sees people finally starting to open their hearts and expand their minds to the idea of an honest conservative presidency.

Aiming down President Biden, Trump talked about the damage Bidenomics is inflicting on New Jerseyans, especially the extra money people need to live out of pocket. Doing so with little to no raise to make up for it, many have been forced to pay massive penalties and withdraw from their 401k accounts to stay afloat.

Getting a crowd like this in New Jersey is a huge accomplishment for the Trump Train. It shows just how much the American people are starting to wake up to the games of the Democratic party and just how two-faced they are. Come November, voters will remember this when it comes time to cast that ballot, and we will have another four years of Trump coming right for us.

Much like this rally, the voter turnout in November will be huge and Republican.