What if You Had a Rally and Nobody Came? Ask Joe Biden  

Maverick Pictures / shutterstock.com
Maverick Pictures / shutterstock.com

On Saturday, Biden hosted a fundraising event in the affluent Atlanta area of Buckhead, praising Georgia voters for their crucial role in his victory over former President Trump in 2020.  

“If you ever doubt the power of the vote, I say come to Georgia. You are the reason I won. Georgia is the reason I’m president right now,” Biden said during the rally.  

But it seems Buckhead is distancing itself from its role in electing Biden. As the presidential motorcade drove through town, it didn’t draw a mob of supporters. 

It drew yawns. 

Social media had a field day mocking Biden’s less-than-enthusiastic support at the event, especially about the motorcade. One poster noted, “The only people there are waiting to cross the street.” 

His lack of supporters seems related to a perception in Atlanta that his commencement speech at historically Black Morehouse College was a political stunt. Many students sounded off, saying there was a “general feeling” that students didn’t want Biden at their school. Students noted that it was “obvious” that they were being “used to score political points” and “get more Black votes.” 

Biden’s planned appearance at Morehouse marked a shift in his campaign’s approach, as he has generally avoided addressing large gatherings of young people on college campuses. This change in strategy followed disruptions during his January speech on abortion rights at George Mason University in Virginia, where protesters repeatedly interrupted him over his stance on Israel’s actions in Gaza. 

Many students lamented that they were stuck with Biden in a field of more desirable speakers. In addition, they were not pleased with the “honorary doctorate” the school bestowed on the President. A substantial number of faculty members either opposed the decision or chose not to vote due to concerns about certain policies of the president. 

Biden joins a select group as the third U.S. President to be bestowed with this honor by Morehouse College. President Barack Obama received an honorary degree during his commencement address at the college in 2013, while Jimmy Carter received the same honor in 1975, prior to assuming the presidency. 

Biden’s unpopular trip to Atlanta follows a recent New York Times survey revealing Trump’s lead over Biden in several crucial swing states, such as Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Notably, Trump’s backing among Black voters has increased, causing astonishment and panic as recent polling indicated a more than doubling of support to 22% compared to the 2020 election. Meanwhile, Biden has experienced a decline of 12% in support from Black voters but still maintains a substantial lead of 47 points. 

Biden’s less-than-enthusiastic welcome starkly contrasted with Trump’s visit to the area last month. During the former President’s stopover, supporters surrounded him at a Chick-fil-A, where he treated customers to chicken and milkshakes. 

Trump also stopped off for a fundraiser in Buckhead, a neighborhood that has sought to separate from Atlanta because of escalating crime rates in recent times. 

Biden isn’t the only one perceived as “pandering” to Black voters. Vice President Kamala Harris is receiving sharp criticism for her goal of addressing the decline in Black voter support for Biden through an initiative known as the “Nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour.” This initiative involves Harris organizing private dinners with Black men from various fields, such as business, politics, and culture. The purpose is to engage in conversations about their experiences and to explore how the administration’s policies can aid the Black community. 

Ahead of the scheduled commencement speech, students expressed dismay that their accomplishments would be overshadowed by a “political speech.” They voiced frustration over the event’s format and the heightened security measures, which have led to limited availability of tickets for family members. Consequently, many family members had to watch the event in an overflow room. 

Biden’s visit to Morehouse on Sunday was marked by protestors who disagreed with his handling of the Israeli-Palestinian war. As Biden gushed about democracy, several students turned their chairs away from the rambling president in protest. One student flew a Palestinian flag as he spoke. 

Biden was unwelcomed on the Morehouse campus, and his entire visit to the Atlanta area could be summed up with an unenthusiastic “meh” by the residents. It’s symbolic of the overall lack of enthusiasm Americans are generally feeling over their aging, cognitively impaired, corrupt candidate. 

It’s not looking good for Team Biden, even in a state that carried him across the finish line in 2020.