Renewed Calls for Secession, Political Violence From the Party of Peace, Love, and Acceptance 

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America has spoken, and the country is not just headed for disaster – it’s headed for a divorce. 

Initially, liberals found it amusing when conservatives, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), proposed the idea of dividing the United States into red and blue states due to national disunity and partisanship. However, the tone has shifted, and now a recent poll reveals that approximately one-third of Democrats support the idea of a political separation from states with conservative leanings. 

The survey, conducted by the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, found that a significant number of people from different political backgrounds are thinking about their states breaking away from the United States to form their own ideologically supported country.  Among those who support President Biden, 31% are interested in Democratic-controlled states seceding, and for former President Trump’s supporters, the desire to separate from Democrats is even higher, with 41% wanting liberals to pack their bags and get out. 

A similar survey conducted in March by Axios-Ipsos Two Americas Index showed a less alarming picture. At that time, the poll revealed that 16% of Democrats and 25% of Republicans expressed support of seceding.  

It’s a blistering affirmation of the amount of division and damage the Biden administration has done in just over seven months.  

But the survey also revealed a worrying trend – many people from both sides of the political spectrum are beginning to question whether America’s current system of democracy can continue to work effectively. Around 31% of Trump supporters and 24% of Biden supporters expressed concerns about the viability of the democratic system. They are suggesting that the nation should explore other forms of governance to ensure stability and progress. 

This survey highlights the fact that President Joe Biden can add his promise of uniting the country to a growing list of his failures. 

Just how deep is the divide? An alarming 70% of Biden supporters believe that a Republican victory in 2024 will lead to lasting, irreparable harm to the country. Sixty-eight percent of supporters of former President Donald Trump feel the same regarding a Democrat victory in the upcoming election. 

And shockingly, around 40% of both groups believe the opposing party has become so dangerous that violence is an acceptable answer to disharmony. While only 38% of Trump supporters feel violence may be necessary, 41% of the liberal party of peace and acceptance think violence is acceptable to squash conservative opposition. 

More Democrats want to use violence to carry out their destructive agenda than Republicans. It’s a shift in an increasingly dangerous narrative. 

Overwhelmingly, Democrats support the government’s right to limit the expression of opinions that are different than their own. The survey further revealed that a substantial portion of Biden supporters, around 47%, hold the view that the government should have the authority to limit the expression of opinions deemed discriminatory or offensive. Only 35% of Trump supporters agree. 

Rick Hasen, who directs UCLA’s Safeguarding Democracy Project, has expressed concern about the poll’s findings. He sees these results as potentially worrisome for democracy, suggesting that they reveal a desire for authoritarian measures and hint at the potential for increased political tensions and even violence. 

It’s surprising that more Biden supporters aren’t questioning democracy’s viability. At its heart, Democracy stands for everything they are against. 

Fundamental features of democracy include the holding of regular, fair elections, enabling individuals to select their leaders and representatives. Political engagement, the right to vote, and the ability to express one’s opinions are also integral components of democratic societies. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how Democrats have trampled on these hallmarks of democracy. 

Democracies prioritize the rule of law, which means that all individuals, including government officials, are subject to the law and accountable under it. They also safeguard individual rights and freedoms, encompassing freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to a fair trial. The unconstitutional treatment of January 6th prisoners, the refusal to call for accountability of President Biden, the COVID lockdowns, the weaponization of once-trusted governmental agencies, and the censorship of news organizations and social media are all Democratic-supported positions. 

Democrats will be wise to remember that illegal immigrants are fleeing from the very ideas they support, in search of a better life under a true democracy. Conservatives will need a much more secure border to keep liberals on their side of the fence. 

And the burning question remains as America hurtles towards divorce: who gets custody of the kids?