Miss USA Not Resilient Enough To Be a Beauty Queen

tonkku / shutterstock.com
tonkku / shutterstock.com

For many women, the dream of being a beauty queen is something they envision from the time they are young girls. Being Miss USA is the pinnacle of those dreams nationally and Miss Universe globally. It becomes a quest these women dedicate their lives to. Commonly explained away as a scholarship opportunity (thanks to the film Miss Congeniality), it’s a title that comes with some heavy commitments to it.

24-year-old Noelia Voigt won the crown in September but has already resigned with little warning. In a post shared across her numerous social media accounts, she thanked the fans for the support and shared her pride in representing Utah and the USA.

“Sadly, I have made the very tough decision to resign from the title of Miss USA 2023. Never could I have imagined the journey that my childhood dream would take me on. Constant and consistent hard work and dedication all lead me to where I am today, and I hope that over the last seven years of competing in pageantry and sharing my journey with you all is something that inspires you to never give up on your dreams, whatever they may be.”

Not leaving a ton of room for speculation, she explained why she came to this decision. “Deep down I know that this is just the beginning of a new chapter for me, and my hope is that I continue to inspire others to remain steadfast, prioritize your mental health, advocate for yourself and others by using your voice, and never be afraid of what the future holds, even if it feels uncertain. How I wish I could hug all of you. I love you all with all of my heart and always will.”

Once she made her announcement, the Miss USA Organization publicly offered their support and said that they were in the process of crowning the new Miss USA shortly. For Voigt, it’s a shame she had to let this opportunity go. Given the reach the role has and the responsibility that comes with it, it takes some serious resiliency. It’s a shame to see the top lady in America not have enough for it.