MLB Pitcher Fires Back at Criticism Over Taking Son Hunting

Roman Kosolapov /
Roman Kosolapov /

It seems it doesn’t take much to get liberals all riled up these days.

For instance, the liberal world is all up in arms (not literally, of course, they hate your guns) over an MLB pitcher posting a photo of him and his young son hunting geese.

On Monday, Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher and hunting enthusiast Erik Swanson posed in a picture with his son. They were sitting behind a line of recently shot-down Canada geese. The caption on the post read, “Starting the off-season outdoors!”

For most of you, this is exactly the kind of post you want to see on Instagram or any other social media account. Proof that parents, even busy and rather famous ones, are taking the time to spend with their children and not just in front of a screen of some sort.

But, of course, those on the political left didn’t like the image or post at all.

And so, a few wasted little time in criticism of Swanson and his love of life.

Toronto-based news site “blogTO” started the flames with a snarky post to their X account stating, “Toronto Blue Jays pitcher poses with a pile of dead Canada geese he shot with his kid.”

Naturally, liberal comments continued from there.

One likened the post to “a guy who filmed himself kicking a dog,” insisting that if we don’t do something about Swanson now, he’ll start “hurting humans.”

Another felt “this is wrong encouraging their kids to hunt.”

However, Swanson was not deterred in the least.

Instead, he wrote another post, expressing that his love of fishing and hunting is not about killing animals and being cruel. Instead, it is “a very important life lesson.”

As he explained, the food that we eat doesn’t just come from the grocery store or some restaurant. At some point, someone went out and picked those vegetables, killed a cow, or hauled fish out of water.

We, as human beings, have been doing that for literally thousands of years. It’s how we exist, by harvesting food, whether that be plant or animal-based.

And teaching a young child about that fact of life should be a necessity. Without it, we end up with a whole generation of entitled kids who think that food comes from GrubHub or something, and there is little to no work involved in it.