Dem Rep Urges Biden to Dupe Black Voters by Promising a Fake Reparations Commission

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No Democrat since the Civil Rights era has lost the support of black voters faster or at a more precipitous rate than Joe Biden has in the last two years. Runaway inflation, a mass invasion at our southern border, and Biden’s now-delayed plan to ban menthol cigarettes have not helped. It’s time to hit the panic button! Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has thrown Joe Biden a lifeline when it comes to shoring up the black vote in the 2024 election. She’s urging Biden to sucker black voters by promising them cash reparations in his second term if reelected.

It’s no surprise that the Democrats are panicking. Donald Trump never led Joe Biden in the polls at any point in 2020. That was primarily because many Trump voters chose to lie to pollsters. This year, more people are being honest with the pollsters and Trump is up +6 nationally as of the end of April. More importantly, Trump is up by +6 or more in six of seven crucial swing states.

Part of the reason for that is because Trump is pulling several percentage points more of the black vote away from Biden this time. It turns out that black voters aren’t keen on runaway inflation and being replaced by unskilled labor from the Third World. (Who could have guessed?)

The Daily Mail reports that Sheila Jackson Lee has a plan, however. She says Biden should “bypass Congress and use his executive powers to create a slavery payouts panel to put him over the line against rival Donald Trump.”

Jackson Lee has been one of the lonely radicals in Congress who has been pushing racial reparations for years. She’s never managed to gain any traction before this, however, even after career criminal George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose in 2020.

A pro-reparations group called the Earn the Black Vote Collaborative estimates that Biden could defeat Trump in Michigan if he pretends to stand up a fake reparations committee before the end of the year. An estimated 278,000 black voters have expressed total apathy this year when it comes to voting for Joe Biden. Earn the Black Vote estimates that 58% of them could be duped into voting for Biden if they think they’re going to get a big check from him next year.

Here’s what Earn the Black Vote has to say about a fake reparations panel in additional swing states:

In Pennsylvania, where Biden’s margin of victory was 80,000 votes, the report estimated that a Reparations Commission could garner an additional 55,000 Black votes in 2024. Likewise, in Wisconsin, where Biden won by 20,000 votes, the commission could add 100,000 additional Black votes.

Setting aside the fact that it is sad and pathetic that black voters won’t show up at the polls unless you offer to cut them a check, the Democrats haven’t considered how such a childishly transparent election ploy could backfire on them. They’ve already driven blacks to the point of political irrelevance in America through mass immigration. Hispanic voters now outnumber blacks by about 4 to 1. Joe Biden has also imported more illegal alien Hispanics in the past three years than the entire black population in America.

A race-based reparations ploy is likely to backfire on the Democrats for two reasons. One, Hispanic voters won’t support it. And two, white voters won’t support it either. Starting a reparations commission would in fact motivate voters in 2024; just not in the way that Democrats are hoping.