Huge Protest in Boston After Veterans Shoved Aside for Illegal Aliens

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One of the biggest protests to take place in years just happened in the city of Boston. Neither the recent pro-Palestinian temper tantrums nor the BLM protests of 2020 even came close to the size of the turnout over the weekend. Bostonians turned out by the hundreds to protest after Democrats shelved an amendment to a bill that would have given priority in state-run shelters to homeless American veterans rather than to the illegal invaders.

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D) and her party have been bending over backward and forward to roll out the red carpet for Joe Biden’s horde of foreign criminals. Hotels that have been turned into cesspools to house the invaders have been dubbed “Healey Hotels” by Bostonians. Healey has also kicked black children out of a beloved community rec center to make room for illegals and converted an airport terminal into extra housing.

The final straw, however, came when Healey decided to kick homeless veterans out of the Old Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea to make room for more illiterate jungle peasants, unvetted child rapists, and jihadi terrorists.

The protest was organized and hosted by local Boston talk radio host Jeff Kuhner.

“You know why they aren’t helping veterans? Because they hate America,” said Kuhner while flanked with signs calling to close the border and “Shut Down the Healey Hotels.”

Pete Kuoni is a 78-year-old Vietnam War vet who showed up for the rally to voice his disgust at how anti-American the US government has become under Joe Biden.

“These aren’t the immigrants of yesterday who had to have a sponsor, a means of support, learn to speak English, have a job, provide their own housing, and be proud Americans,” said Kuoni. “They are getting so much freebies; they make more than the people paying for them to be here.”

He’s not wrong. Recent reports indicate that in addition to “free” housing provided by the taxpayers, invaders in Boston get more than $60 a day for food, free healthcare, free dental care, free dry cleaning, and free laptops to watch child porn on.

One of the people to speak at the rally was an Angel Mom named Maureen Maloney. Her 23-year-old son was killed by an illegal alien who mowed him down in traffic while he was riding a motorcycle. The Ecuadoran national dragged her son’s body a quarter of a mile down the street before stopping. He was convicted of vehicular homicide, drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident that caused death, and multiple other charges.

“It’s happening because Democrats want open borders and they want to redistribute wealth. They want to redistribute your money to the illegal aliens,” Ms. Maloney told the crowd. She accused Gov. Healey of “luring illegal aliens to Massachusetts with the promise of free housing, free food, free Uber rides, free medical care, [and] free education for their housing and work permits.”

Almost no local media showed up to cover the massive protest. One of the few outlets that did was TV station WCVB Channel 5. They characterized it as a “Close the Border” rally while downplaying the fact that the protest was about prioritizing homeless American veterans over criminal invaders.