Joe Biden Considers Declaring ‘Climate Emergency’ to Seize Permanent Power for Democrats

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Sources in the White House say that Joe Biden is close to declaring a ‘climate emergency.’ By doing so, Biden would be able to seize new god-like powers for himself, much like we saw the authoritarian liberal governors do during COVID. Biden could then unilaterally change election laws for the states to ensure that Democrats can carry out another 2020-style steal. Since global warming is completely fake, a ‘climate emergency’ could ostensibly be imposed against the American people permanently, thus allowing Democrats to stay in power forever through rigged elections and totalitarian power.

The Center for Biological Diversity estimates that Joe Biden would be able to seize approximately 130 wartime-like powers for himself if he declares a fake climate emergency. Some are worried that this would allow Biden to impose the Green New Deal on the American economy without a vote from Congress. We’re not sure why this is a concern since Biden has already imposed most of the Green New Deal without a vote of Congress.

Biden didn’t ask Congress for permission when he shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline project. He killed hundreds of thousands of jobs in America and Canada and denied Americans access to affordable and efficient natural gas through an executive order. Biden has crippled oil and gas exploration in America while shuffling billions of dollars off to China for rip-off solar panels and windmills.

If Joe Biden came out tomorrow and claimed that global warming was causing Ukraine to lose the war to Russia, half the Republicans in Congress would bend over and spread their butt cheeks for him. Again.

A far more terrifying scenario would be for Biden to use his COVID-like emergency powers to steal another election. Voter frustration and disappointment with Biden is palpable. He’s trailing in every national poll. Trump has been up +6 over Biden in Maine for the entire year. That’s how frustrated even Democrat voters are with him, because of the economic doom that Biden has brought the country.

What would a climate emergency look like if Biden were to declare one?

It would look the same as it did during COVID. He could impose travel restrictions on Americans. Biden would say that too many people are on the roads driving to polling places on Election Day, so the entire country has to switch to mass mail-in voting. Flooding election centers with mail-in ballots was the main mechanism Democrats used to steal the 2020 election.

Most states have dirty voter rolls that are not kept up to date. Rental homes and apartments that have had a lot of turnovers had multiple ballots show up for people who didn’t live there. When those ballots were sent back to the post office, they were all put in a central basket for “Undeliverable Mail.” Those ballots then vanished every night when a rep from the Postal Service union—which endorsed Joe Biden in 2020—delivered the ballots to Democrat NGOs to be filled out on behalf of Biden and sent back in. The signature verification process was a joke, so thousands of fake and invalid mail-in ballots were cast and counted for Biden in 2020.

Democrats have lost all interest in democracy. They don’t want those pesky voters having a say in who rules the country. The fact that Biden is even considering declaring a climate emergency shows just how desperate they are to remain in power. The truly frightening thing about all this is that if Biden pulls the trigger on this power grab, who will stop him?