Illegal Alien Squatters Refusing to Leave NYC Hotel Where Taxpayers Are Housing Them

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Joe Biden’s flood of illegal aliens has gotten so bad that even the liberal mayor of New York City is complaining about them. They’re everywhere. We simply don’t have enough available housing in the country for 7 million new people who have shown up in the past two years.

There’s also the fact that the illegal aliens are growing increasingly nasty. Mayor Eric Adams has been trying to kick a bunch of illegals out of the NYC hotel where they’re staying, but they refuse to leave.

Mayor Adams, who adores illegal immigration when it happens anywhere else than New York City, has been pleading with the Biden regime for federal aid dollars. Since the whole point of this exercise is to destroy the United States from within, those pleas are falling on deaf ears. New York City is left providing shelter and welfare services to the hordes of foreigners, just like cities in many red states are forced to do.

A ton of illegals have been housed in the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen for the past few weeks. Mayor Adams set up a new shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, where the illegals were supposed to be moved this week. They refused to go, even though the new facilities are supposed to be just as good as the hotel.

The Cruise Terminal is supposed to be a giant new shelter that will house up to 1,000 fighting-aged male illegal alien warriors. You’re kidding yourself if you think families are coming across the border at this point. They’re all fighting-aged males. This is the fifth such shelter that Mayor Adams has set up for the ungrateful foreign invaders since they started showing up on buses last year.

You’re also kidding yourself if you think these people are coming here to work. Joe Biden hasn’t promised them jobs. He’s promised them cradle-to-grave welfare, and pre-loaded debit cards that they can spend on booze and hookers. And by golly, they’re expecting America to uphold that promise that Joe Biden made!

After the first busload of illegals was transported out of the Watson Hotel, immigration activists showed up and told the illegals to stay put. So, they’re not budging. At one point the cops had to be called because a group of 50 illegal aliens was blocking the entrance to the hotel. They want to stay at the hotel now, so they’re not moving.

The activists and liberal trial lawyers are complaining that the illegals are being forced out of the hotel. Which they are because the Watson Hotel is NOT THEIR HOME. As if that needs to be said.

Displaying an incredible sense of entitlement, the illegals caused a ruckus. The quick-thinking hotel manager locked the doors behind them. We’re not sure what the limousine liberal activists told the illegals about the shelter they were being moved to, but it’s made them dig their heels in. Close to 1,000 of them are now saying they’ll just sleep on the streets outside the hotel until they’re allowed back in.

Hotel owners have been complaining for weeks now about how the illegals have been trashing their establishments. The invaders are drunk all the time and having sex with hookers in the lobby, and refuse to leave when the city tries to move them to a shelter. This is obviously terrible for business. Having drunk foreigners partying with hookers in the lobby doesn’t exactly scream, “Family Vacation Destination.”

In his latest campaign speeches, Donald Trump is promising to begin deportations immediately once he’s reelected. With a campaign promise like that, Trump might even be able to get blue states like New York to flip in his favor. The American people are completely fed up with this invasion and are ready to show these invaders the door.