Illegal Alien Kids Spreading Weird Disease Outbreaks in Public Schools

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In a development that shouldn’t surprise anyone, the hordes of Joe Biden’s unvaccinated illegal alien kids are already spreading disease outbreaks in public schools. News of this comes right as the CDC has recalled more than 400 food products across the East Coast because of listeria contamination. Gee, who’s working in the food processing plants these days? Oh… awkward. This is truly infuriating when you consider how many people Joe Biden and the Democrats fired from their jobs over their refusal to take the dangerous COVID shots.

The first known outbreak from the illegal alien kids happened at a middle school in Gramercy Park in New York City. One child came down with chickenpox, which is almost unheard of in America today. The CDC recorded only 201 chickenpox cases in the whole country in 2022.

The principal of the school sent out a notice saying that unvaccinated kids can’t come to school during the outbreak. Sure enough, a bunch of the illegal alien kids didn’t show up for the next week.

Keep in mind that New York City, and most other cities across the country, allow illegal alien children to attend school with no proof of vaccination whatsoever. Meanwhile, New York City fired 850 teachers last year for refusing to get an experimental shot that didn’t work anyway.

The sheer contempt that our “rulers” have for us keeps growing worse every day with the illegal alien crisis. The middle school in New York was lucky this time that the only disease the illegals are spreading is chickenpox. It’s only a matter of time before one of them brings something far worse and nastier across the border. There are plenty of diseases in Central America that we don’t have any vaccines for at all.

As for the CDC, they discovered listeria contamination in the environmental samples from a major food processing company. One of the dirty little secrets about the food processing industry in the US is that most of the plants prefer to hire illegal aliens over Americans. The illegals know this, our politicians know this, and the regulators who are supposed to be preventing this have turned a blind eye to it for decades.

Whenever there’s a foodborne outbreak of anything in the US, it’s almost always traced back to a plant with unsanitary conditions caused by the illegal alien workers.

Listeria, which basically comes from dirt, kills about 260 Americans every year. The CDC instantly recalled 400 food products from brands like Bistro to Go, Orchard Bistro, InReach, Naval Academy 1845 Coffee, and Westin Label. Recalled foods include deli meats, vending machine sandwiches, breakfast muffins, croissants, wraps, fruits, noodle bowls, and a bunch of other stuff.

The recall affects food products in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Even though this recall is affecting many tons of food across multiple states, the public will never be told the real outcome of the investigation that the FDA will undertake. Everyone at the FDA already knows what caused the contamination.

It will turn out to be an illegal alien parked on a job that an American should have, who has never attended a single food safety class. Who would have thought that an illegal alien picking her nose and scratching her bum while preparing your deli sandwich could make you sick? It’s gross, but this is what always happens with outbreaks in this country.

The illegals are bringing diseases across the border and spreading diseases in the food supply. This is epidemiology 101. But you’ll be castigated and smeared as a racist by the Democrat Party if you bring it up. You can have nice things in your country, or you can have mass immigration. But you can’t have both.