Democrats Want RFK Jr.’s Running Mate to Leave the Race Over Trump

Maxim Elramsisy /
Maxim Elramsisy /

Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) is begging Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate to drop out of the race. Khanna sees the writing on the wall and realizes that the presence of Nichole Shanahan on the Kennedy ticket is only going to hurt Joe Biden and help Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election. The Democrat had initially congratulated Shanahan on the good news after Kennedy announced her selection. But now that Khanna has received his marching orders from the party, he’s insisting that Shanahan should drop out.

“While I completely respect third parties and the right for anyone to run for public office, I am deeply concerned that Robert F. Kennedy’s name on the ballot in swing states could tilt the election in Donald Trump’s favor,” Khanna wrote to Shanahan in a letter.

Translation: He respects third parties so long as they pull votes away from Republicans in the general election and not Democrats. He’s more of a Ross Perot third-party supporter than a Jill Stein third-party supporter.

Khanna points to polling that shows Trump leading Biden by 3 or more points if third-party candidates, including Kennedy, are in the race. A recent Marquette poll showed Trump winning 41-38 over Joe Biden, with Kennedy placing third at 14% of the vote.

Rep. Khanna is correct in his assessment that Shanahan is going to pull votes away from Biden. She’s a social justice communist who became a billionaire by marrying and divorcing one of the founders of Google. She donates millions of dollars to communist causes like Black Lives Matter and global warming. It’s hard to envision any MAGA voters jumping off the Trump train to vote for Kennedy when Shanahan is on the ticket.

We’re just happy that Khanna has now irritated Shanahan and Kennedy because this means we can sit back and enjoy watching one of our favorite things in the world—a sissified slap-fight between Democrats!

“Clearly, Ro has changed his stance based on pressure from the party,” responded Shanahan on Twitter/X. “I hope he understands how anti-democratic it is to ask someone to step down from a race that empowers the American public to make their own decisions.”

“I am very disappointed that he has been pressured into issuing this letter to me publicly. He could have called me privately. He has my direct line.”

Ouch! Zing!

Khanna responded by writing, “No one is saying Nicole doesn’t have the right to run, but it is democratic to try to persuade her that she should support Biden instead given [the] stakes.”

Maybe the Democrat Party should have given the voters a choice by holding a real primary this year, instead of rigging the contest by freezing Kennedy out and forcing him to run as a third-party candidate.

Kennedy jumped into the slap-fight then and said he fully supports Shanahan.

“I have always admired Ro Khanna,” Kennedy wrote in a backhanded compliment. “His flip flop here is disappointing. The party has [the] power to bludgeon men of character into waivering [sic].”

The Democrat Party’s continuing descent into elitism and winning at all costs is distancing it further and further away from its base. We hope that Kennedy and Shanahan make the ballot in as many swing states as possible. The DNC has been rigging Democrat Party primaries for years now, in direct defiance of the wishes of their voters. They rigged their primaries against Bernie Sanders in 2016 and against Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

If Kennedy and Shanahan cause them to lose the election this year to Donald Trump, maybe the elites at the DNC will finally get the message that they should start listening to their own voters.