GOP Senators Prepare to Create Nightmare for Schumer if He Squashes Mayorkas’ Impeachment

Bumble Dee /
Bumble Dee /

You’ve probably heard that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandra Mayorkas has recently come under fire for his failure to secure America’s southern border and its ongoing immigration crisis. And Senate Republicans are planning to make quite a scene if the Democrats refuse to hold him accountable.

If you didn’t know, Mayorkas was officially impeached by the House of Representatives, which currently has a slight Republican majority, in February.

According to the articles of impeachment, he’s guilty of two articles. One is that he’s failed to enforce the nation’s laws on immigration, as is his duty. The other is that he’s broken the trust of the American people by knowingly lying about it.

Per the articles, which will be delivered to the Senate for approval next week, Mayorkas “knowingly made false statements” and “knowingly obstructed lawful oversight.”

Of course, when it gets to the Senate, which is currently run by a Democratic majority, the assumption is that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his fellow party members will effectively squash the whole impeachment initiative, including a trial that could bring more facts to light and hold Mayorkas accountable for his actions (or inaction.)

And so, Senate GOP members plan to force their way, or at least a trial.

According to a person described by Fox News as an aide to a Republican senator, “The Senate runs on unanimous consent.” As the Senate glossary states, ‘unanimous consent” is an agreement on “any question or matter before the Senate that sets aside a rule of procedure to expedite proceedings.” Even for some of the most basic of procedures, unanimous consent is needed and routine.

So, it only takes one senator to object to stop business from moving forward.

And a growing number of GOP senators have been discussing being the voice of objection. So far, about a dozen senators plan to “prevent all legislative business” in the coming weeks should Schumer and his cronies refuse to allow a Mayorkas trial.

Talk about forcing Schumer’s hand, but for a very good reason.