Dem Mayor Cuts Over $10 Million from Police and Fire Budgets to Fund Illegals

Mehaniq /
Mehaniq /

Democrats seem to be persistently stupid these days, don’t you think?

Take, for example, the city of Denver, Colorado.

Here, like many other liberally ran cities, city officials, including Mayor Mike Johnston, have declared the Mile High City as a ‘sanctuary’ city for illegal immigrants. Basically, it just means that local law enforcement will not cooperate with ICE and other federal agencies to arrest, detain, and deport illegals.

But it also means that illegals have now flocked to the city for such protection. Just like with New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, Denver is not so slowly being overrun with immigrants. As a result, the city’s resources are being drained.

Thankfully, Johnston has a plan: just cut the budgets of everything else, especially police and fire departments.

According to KUSA, Johnston announced on Wednesday that he and other city officials will be cutting back on spending in the foreseeable future so that they will be able to fund nearly $90 million in services for those who illegally reside in the US and are holed up in Denver.

Now, the City Council will have to approve most of the budget cuts needed to make this possible, so the deal is not done yet.

But should it go through as Johnston plans, everyone in the city (besides the immigrants) will suffer.

For starters, the Denver Police Department’s budget will take a $8.4 million cut, which amounts to nearly two percent of its annual budget. Similarly, the Denver Fire Department will be cut by $2.5 million, about one percent of their usual allotment.

Additionally, the city will put a hiring freeze in place, leaving every currently vacant position in place. This is supposed to save the city nearly $20 million.

Now, of course, the mayor himself will also receive a pay cut. In fact, his office will receive the “highest percentage of budget reduction,” according to KUSA. But his 9.6 percent cut only amounts to $335,155, so it’s not much to gawk at.

The other $45 million will have to be scrounged up somewhere – and all to pay for illegals to live comfortably while Americans lose their homes, jobs, etc.

Democrats at their best, eh…