Former Naval Officer Sounds Alarm Over ‘World Changing’ Underwater UFO Caught on Video

Richard Coombs /
Richard Coombs /

As the national conversation about unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs, formerly UFOs) continues to get more interesting, a former US Navy rear admiral says we should be paying more attention to what’s in the water. Tim Gallaudet says that unidentified submerged objects (USOs) are potentially a major threat to American maritime security. A think tank called the Sol Foundation, which studies UAPs, just released a 29-page report on an astonishing video recorded by the USS Omaha in 2019. Gallaudet contributed to that report and said the object shown in the video below should have the Department of Defense raising all sorts of red flags.

For those who are unfamiliar with him, Tim Gallaudet is one of the most credible national voices out there when it comes to this UFO stuff. He’s a former Navy rear admiral, a former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere at the US Dept. of Commerce, and the former administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He doesn’t come across like a crazy person like some of the witnesses who have spoken before Congress over the past year do. He seems sincere and credible.

Gallaudet spoke to Fox News this week and noted that the object recorded by the Omaha should be treated as a threat.

“The fact that unidentified objects with unexplainable characteristics are entering US water space and the [Department of Defense] is not raising a giant red flag is a sign that the government is not sharing all it knows about all-domain anomalous phenomena,” Gallaudet told Fox.

For reference, here is the video recorded by the Omaha in 2019, which the Pentagon confirmed as real in 2021:

UFOs usually get most of the attention in the public’s imagination, but Gallaudet says that these things—whatever they are—should be considered equally threatening because of their ability to violate all the known laws of physics. USOs seem to be able to enter and leave the water at incredibly high speeds, despite not having any propulsion systems.

Gallaudet described the object recorded in the video as “world changing.”

“Pilots, credible observers, and calibrated military instrumentation have recorded objects accelerating at rates and crossing the air-sea interface in ways not possible for anything made by humans,” he wrote in the report.

Gallaudet warns that it’s time for the Pentagon and the Department of Defense to rethink maritime security, given the weirdness and capabilities of USOs. He has a point. People have been reporting flying saucers and UFOs for decades now, yet no UFO has ever exhibited any sort of hostile intent toward aircraft. If they were dangerous or hostile, wouldn’t they have done something by now?

The concept of USOs, however, is very new. The first public mention of them by the military has only been in this century, and most maritime tales about unidentified things under the water are about known or unknown sea creatures—not things that can fly in and out of the water at will. We don’t know if they’re some sort of menace, an unknown weather anomaly, space aliens, or an undiscovered terrestrial life form. Some people even think they might be a top-secret technology that China has developed to spoof American radar imaging tech—sort of like when you make your cat go bananas with a laser pointer.

And that’s really Gallaudet’s point. He’s urging the Pentagon and DoD to conduct more oceanic research into what these things could possibly be. Until we know otherwise, he says we should view USOs as a potential threat.