Dozens Arrested Outside of Schumer’s Home

lev radin /
lev radin /

By now, there’s no secret that a double standard exists for Democrats in power. And Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made himself the perfect example.

It all happened on Friday night when dozens and dozens of protesters showed up at Schumer’s Brooklyn residence as he was preparing to leave for a trip to Israel. He also had a Shabbat dinner, a traditional Friday night dinner in the Jewish culture, usually featuring a fish course.

If you didn’t know, Schumer is Jewish, giving him a unique perspective during this time. It also means that members of both sides of the current Israel vs Palestine situation are bombarding him with demands.

Friday, it happened to be mostly members of the Jewish community who came to Schumer’s home to protest and make demands. One large banner at the protest read, “Jews Say Stop the Genocide of Palestinians.”

Now, to be clear, the protesters weren’t engaging in violent or threatening behavior. There were signs, shouting, many voices, and even silent protests.

Yet, the authorities were called, the protests immediately shut down, and no less than 57 protesters, including lawmakers and high-ranking Jewish community members, were arrested.

Schumer was likely more than unnerved by the protests and possibly was even the one who called in the police.

However, we must point out that it was only a year ago when protests of a much more violent nature took place outside the homes of several Supreme Court Justices. Justice Brett Kavanaugh was even in danger for his life when an armed protester showed up announcing deathly intentions.

When asked about those protests, Schumer said they were “OK.” “The American way to peacefully protest is OK,” he told reporters of The Hill.

But now that those “peaceful protests” have come to his home, they aren’t OK anymore…