Court Docs Show Ashley Biden’s Diary is Real, Which Means Joe Really Did Shower with Her

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A court filing has revealed that the infamous diary that Project Veritas came into possession of really was Ashley Biden’s. This means that the contents in the diary are accurate and true, including Ashley’s musings that her sexual promiscuity in adulthood was caused by her creepy weirdo father Joe Biden, who took inappropriate showers with her when she was a small child.

A Special Master has been appointed to review the Biden administration’s FBI raid on a Project Veritas reporter’s home in 2021 to reacquire the diary. The Special Master issued a court filing this week, which is now a public record. In the filing, the Special Master states that Ashley Biden told her in a phone conversation that yes, the diary is in fact hers.

The mainstream media has been in full suppression mode about the contents of that diary ever since it was first rumored to exist. But the fact that it is Ashley Biden’s diary is now irrefutable. She told an officer of the court it was hers, which means that everything she wrote in it is true.

Ashley Biden wrote that she was “hyper-sexualized” as a small child by “showers with my dad (probably not appropriate).” This showering happened multiple times, and Ashley Biden was obviously old enough to remember it.

This of course fits perfectly in line with what people have been saying about Joe Biden for decades. During the 2020 election, he was credibly accused of sexually assaulting one of his former staffers. Tara Reade explicitly described how then-Senator Joe Biden digitally raped her in a darkened Senate hallway back in the 1990s.

Joe Biden has been creeping Secret Service agents out ever since he was Barack Obama’s vice president. Secret Service whistleblowers have said that Joe Biden used to go for a nude swim every day. Which, of course, creeped out all of the female agents on the vice presidential detail. We don’t know if any of those female agents committed suicide, but would you blame them if they did? Would you want to hang out and guard Joe Biden every day while he swims naked? There’s not enough money in the world.

A Secret Service whistleblower claimed that the annual Christmas party for agents at the vice-presidential residence had to be canceled until Joe Biden left office in 2009. Many agents complained that Joe Biden grabbed their wives or girlfriends inappropriately during picture time. One agent allegedly tried to punch Joe Biden, after he grabbed the breast of the agent’s girlfriend. The Christmas parties didn’t resume until Mike Pence became vice president.

Ashley Biden says she was hypersexualized at a young age in the infamous diary. She stated that she was fairly certain she was sexually abused as a child. She had sex with friends at a young age and recalls showing all the boys in her 2nd-grade class her underpants. The diary is even more explicit than that. You get the point though, which is that she blames all of her sexual escapades on the creepy showers that her father took with her as a little girl.

In case it needs to be said, grown men don’t take showers with little kids. Or at least, normal and mentally healthy grown men who are not perverts don’t do that. But Joe Biden has a long history of being a creepy weirdo and groping women and young girls during photo ops. It’s not like there aren’t 50,000 videos of him sniffing kids. (Such a weirdo.)

There needs to be a full investigation into the allegations made in Ashley Biden’s diary. The media keeps telling us “no one is above the law” when it comes to Donald Trump. Will they hold Joe Biden to the same standard now that there is solid evidence that he is the P-word.