Would This Congressman Accept Trump’s VP Offer?

Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

As popular as former President Donald Trump is, when picking a vice president (should he win the 2024 GOP nomination), the question is, who would accept such an invitation?

You might think that just about anyone would; I mean, this is the second most powerful seat in the nation, right?

But as some have made clear (Mike Pence and Ron DeSantis), there’s no chance they would take second place, especially to a man like Trump.

The same apparently can not be said regarding GOP congressman Byron Donalds.

When recently asked if he would accept such an offer, the only answer to give was, “Of course.”

It is said that Donalds has officially made it to the shortlist of individuals Trump will likely choose as his VP, also known as the veepstakes. This happened after a recent appearance at a Trump town hall on CNN. Donalds showed off his less-than-backseat mannerisms, asking moderator Kaitlin Collins if she was “going to interject your opinions on me or do I get a chance?”

And everyone knows Trump respects a person who can stand up on his own…

But back to Donalds’ possible acceptance.

When asked about the possibility last week, Donalds responded, “If it came up? Oh yeah, of course, because you have the opportunity to do really powerful things for the country and really help shape the country.”

Of course, neither Donalds nor anyone else has been asked, seeing as Trump still needs to win the nomination first.

Plus, it’s been suggested that Trump may choose a woman to fill the role in the hopes that she will help him get votes in a demographic he currently lacks.

Then again, the GOP convention is still a long way off. So who knows what will happen…