Want a Grant From the State Department? You Better Be Woke!

fizkes / shutterstock.com
fizkes / shutterstock.com

President Biden and his State Department are ready to hand over cash to Americans who want to have their voice heard. With $750,000 grants up for grabs, they want to help fund the best of the best to get their voices heard. Much like every government program, there are tons of strings attached, but these aren’t what you’d expect.

Instead of funding the arts or the saving of the blue-breasted whippoorwill in remote South Dakota like most grants, these are focused on the activists who have a woke message to spread. In order to get the free speech funding they explain your proposal “should include women and girls in all their diversity; LGBTQI+ persons, transgender or gender-diverse persons in particular; migrants; members of marginalized racial, ethnic, and Indigenous communities, religious minority group members; and others targeted by anti-rights actors.”

These rules mean it’s not a “free speech” grant. Instead, this is a program to fund the further indoctrination of our country through woke and leftist-based agendas. In the Notice of Funding Opportunity “Ensuring Freedom of Expression for Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations Responding to Anti-Rights Efforts and Targeted Attacks,” the State Department specifically outline that grants will only be considered if they “have strong support from and participation by lesbian and bisexual women, transgender and intersex individuals, and other gender diverse persons.”

Further outlining the wokeism of the agenda, the State Department also explains that strong proposals “will include a strong gender analysis that looks at the unique needs of women and girls, including lesbian and bisexual women, as well as transgender, intersex, and other gender diverse and gender non-conforming persons, women of color, women with disabilities, and/or women who experience multiple and intersecting human rights violations and abuse.”

In essence, the grants will only come out if you are pushing the radical lines of LGBT goals, as well as the pro-abortion movement. They also took a direct shot at Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) with some of their linework about what makes a good proposal.

“Freedom of Expression for vulnerable and marginalized communities is infringed by discriminatory legislation, government persecution, targeted attacks on civil society and its operating space, and orchestrated attacks by those opposed to equal recognition of human rights for all persons, universally,” the initiative declares. Increasingly, targeted anti-rights attacks, including ‘anti-gender’ movements, have variously: mobilized public support against inclusive legislation and/or promoted and propagated discriminatory legislation intended to curtail speech.”

Giving citizens this kind of money to fund further division and segregation is the opposite of the claims they have been brainwashing their followers with for decades. This not-so-subtle shifting of the tide is a solidly written example of just how horrifically deep their influence is destroying the American mind and soul. They don’t want everyone to get along. They don’t even want everyone to tolerate each other. Instead, they want to demonize the idea of being heterosexual. They want to make people feel guilty for being born white. To feel shame for being born a male.

This isn’t what America is about. This isn’t what freedom is. It’s not about funding the changing of the tide, so we drag everyone else down so it’s an even playing field of shit. Rather, it is about lifting those on the bottom so they can be equal all the way around. By funding near-million-dollar grants with writing that is aimed at making people hate each other even more, they are only helping to make the woke left even further removed from reality and the right.

Just in case they were somehow vague in the pages before this, the State Department added a clarifying statement toward the end. They clarified that the offer is intended for “requests proposals specifically focused on responding to so-called ‘anti-gender movements,’ that have engaged in targeted attacks on individual human rights defenders and organizations; produced and circulated disinformation, myths, and conspiracy theories targeting vulnerable and marginalized communities and increasing social stigma against these groups.”