Turns Out It’s Not Just the Tables That Sting on the Las Vegas Strip

Kobby Dagan / shutterstock.com
Kobby Dagan / shutterstock.com

Going to Vegas, you expect to feel a bit of a sting from taking a beating at the tables. That house edge is just enough to take most people for a good chunk of their money. Where you don’t expect it is between the sheets in your resort room. Unfortunately, on December 26th, that’s exactly what Michael Farchi of Agoura Hills, California, got.

Staying at the Venetian’s Palazzo tower with his family, Farchi was fast asleep when he felt a sting on his wedding tackle. Jolted awake, he reached down to see what had gotten him by the balls and felt the sting yet again. Stung three or four times, when he got out of bed the scorpion was still stuck to his boxers.

Racing to the hospital, he was treated in the emergency room and filed a report with the hotel. A decision to cut their trip short was made, and the family left the following day. Naturally, a rep for the resort apologized profusely and claimed his stay would be comped. Yet when he checked his card, the charge was still there.

Now suing the resort for an unspecified amount, attorney Brian Viag sums up the case by saying, “Nobody staying in Vegas needs to [be] exposed to deadly scorpions while they’re sleeping, let alone on their private parts, their testicles.”

As much as the American courts seem to be clogged up with unneeded court cases, this one makes sense to be heard. These resorts have pest control for a reason, and scorpions are an easily preventable problem.