Keeping Trans Out of the Bathroom…the Bills Pass with Ease in KS and AR

Iryna_Kolesova /
Iryna_Kolesova /

Thank Christ, the breadbasket of America has not turned their backs on maintaining the fight for the soul and morality of America. Both Kansas and Arkansas took the hard stance to make the right decision and oppose the concept of transgendered using the wrong bathroom or lying about their sex.

In KS, the bill has to do with bathrooms, locker rooms, and other areas. Under the bill, “sex” is clarified as being “either male or female, at birth.” Transgendered would no longer be able to change their name or gender on their driver’s license. Getting a 28-12 vote, they received just one vote over the 2/3 margin they need to have a supermajority, and thus override any governor’s veto. Gov. Laura Kelly’s signature truly is nothing more than ceremonial at this point.

Just two hours prior, AR sent Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders a bill that was watered down to appease some of the liberals and try to avoid a lawsuit as claims of it making criminals out of transgenders were circulating. Under the bill as written, transgendered could be charged with a misdemeanor for using the bathroom or changing room they feel like associating with minors present, but only if they go there “for the purpose of arousing or gratifying a sexual desire.”

A brainwashed 13-year-old northeastern Kansas transgender boy was led to the front of a rally at the statehouse. Ian Benalcazar claimed “I am what they are scared of. I am a human being and I deserve to be treated as such, and I deserve to be happy.” It’s sad to see such a young person being drug out in front of the cameras to campaign for a cause they know little of the long-term facts about.

As it stands, AR has already banned students from using the school bathrooms and locker rooms based on their “gender identity.” Taking effect this summer, they’ll be joining several other states, in their efforts. The measures being passed in KS impact prisons, jails, rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, or any other place “where biology, safety or privacy” necessitates a separate facility for men and women. By identifying sex at birth, it allows for “important governmental objectives of protecting the health, safety and privacy” of its citizens.

Known largely as a “Women’s Bill of Rights” it is similar to measures that have been presented to Congress, and five other known states. Senate President Ty Masterson, a Wichita-area Republican has taken the mission to protect the traditional family image from transgendered girls or women from invading the space of “cis-gendered” or real girls and women.

For the last three years, Gov. Kelly has vetoed bans on transgendered girls in girls’ and women’s athletics. The Governor has instead picked up the LGTBQ torch, and promised to “protect your rights” and “veto any bill that aims to harm or discriminate against you.” Making this kind of promise is a dangerous one. The American people, especially the LGTBQ youth don’t need people who want to play make-believe with them.

Letting the globe know that this has become a country of soft men will only make for harder times here in the near future. As a nation, we don’t need China, Russia, North Korea, or anyone else thinking the nation has become one to test. After 20 years in Afghanistan, and over 20 in Iraq, the military needs some reset time, and pushing the LGTBQ agenda down their throats as well has complicated that mission.

Thankfully, Kansas, Arkansas, and a few other states understand that we are entering dangerous territory by allowing these mental gymnastics to take over the nation. If anything, at this point, we need real men and real women the most. It’s time to end the make-believe and get back to work on making this country the powerhouse it once was.