Toyota CEO Says the Quiet Part Out Loud about Electric Vehicles

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American and European automakers are terrified of their governments, so they will not dare to come out and say the obvious about the globalists’ push for electric vehicles. They’re worried that the federal subsidies for this unwanted product will dry up if they say anything. The CEO of Toyota doesn’t have any such restraints on his tongue, however. He just said the quiet part out loud about the nonsense of trying to force all consumers to buy an electric car.

CEO Akio Toyoda is the grandson of the founder of Toyota. During a question-and-answer session at a business event in Tokyo this month, Toyoda declared that battery-powered electric vehicles will never amount to more than 30% of the market.

Most of the consumers who want an electric vehicle have already purchased one. There simply aren’t any more new buyers out there. Toyoda predicts that traditional fuel-burning cars, hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will make up the rest of the market.

Sadly, Toyoda did not point out during his remarks that global warming is a fake problem that most people do not believe in.

He did point out that the limitations of electric cars are one of the biggest reasons why they will never top 30% of the market. People who want to travel by car are always going to prefer their gas- or diesel-powered engines. He’s right. Can you imagine trying to drive three or four states away to visit loved ones for the holidays? That would never happen again for people who are gullible enough to purchase an EV.

Toyoda’s remarks are the strongest words we’ve seen yet pushing back against Joe Biden and the globalists’ Green New Deal. Other automakers have merely signaled that they are “scaling back” on the number of EVs that they’re building. Kudos to the Toyota CEO for saying the quiet part out loud.