Toronto PD Backing Anti-Israel Protests

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Ever since the October 7th attacks by Hamas on Israel, much of the globe has been divided on the response of Israel to exterminate their attackers at all costs. This firm response was understandable and condoned by many, especially given the unprovoked and ruthless nature of the Hamas attack. Yet this hasn’t stopped the liberal left, who almost comically are blindly backing Palestine and Hamas. Staging protests and sit-ins across the globe, they believe what they are doing is right, and they will support the Palestinians at all costs.

At many of these protests, police authorities have been charged with keeping order and applying the law equally to both sides of the protests. On January 6th, footage of Arabs and pro-Palestinian protestors closed the Avenue Road Bridge off Highway 401. Thus, a major access point to a major Jewish neighborhood in Toronto’s Armour Heights was effectively cut off. In the footage, the cops are seen bringing them cups and boxes of hot coffee.

That’s right. The patriotic truckers in early 2022 who refused to bend the knee for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attempt to force the vaccine and masking mandate on them were arrested. Bank accounts frozen, trucks destroyed, livelihoods ruined. Meanwhile, racist and hate-motivated pro-Palestine protestors get boxes of hot Tim Horton’s coffee and cups handed to them.

Being as this was the Jewish Sabbath, this was a day where they weren’t riding in cars, handing money, using the phone, or even turning on the TV unless it was a life-threatening emergency. A protest like this was done exclusively to disrupt the peace and safety of this holy day.

Toronto wasn’t the only one with these kinds of protests on this holy day. In Seattle, WA, protesters completely choked off a major freeway and refused to allow any traffic to pass, including an ambulance with its lights on.

As the Seattle Times reported, “A blockade of cars and protesters standing on the freeway, joined by hundreds more people gathered on nearby overpasses, halted northbound lanes of I-5 between Interstate 90 and Mercer Street, causing a 6-mile backup. Organizers and attendees said they were protesting to draw attention to the increasingly dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza and to decry American support for Israel’s military campaign. Some held a banner that called on Washington Sen. Patty Murray, who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, to support a cease-fire.”

In Seattle, the city police, as well as the Washington State Patrol, closed in on the group and backed them up onto a section of I-5 but refused to physically interact with the crowd and ultimately made no arrests despite the massive problems the group caused. While they set to disrupt the entire city, the Toronto protest seemed geared specifically towards this one Jewish community.

With a Jewish grocer having his store torched on Jan 3rd as what seems to be a directed and antisemitic attack, many are still stopping short of really calling out these gate-based attacks for what they are; homegrown terrorism. The American and Canadian people have no need or reason to be worried about their safety. No matter their religious beliefs or where they were born, they are entitled to be protected and well-guarded from this kind of violence. It’s something both nations have historically prided themselves on, yet now it seems to be gone.

Seeing police supporting these protestors in Canada and refusing to get involved here in the US is infuriating to see. This is a horrific idea. Leaving people out of the protection their very taxes help pay for should be nothing less than criminal. No matter what, the liberal Trudeau and the tapioca pudding-brained Biden of the world need to be reminded that protecting free speech doesn’t mean giving hate a free pass.