TikTok is Bad…But It’s So Good for Businesses

Konstantin Savusia / shutterstock.com
Konstantin Savusia / shutterstock.com

TikTok is arguably one of the worst social media platforms that we as Americans could be using right now. The platform is based in China and has been repeatedly accused of mass data collection. Since there are no federal privacy rights for citizens, they can collect all the data they want – and how they use it is still a mystery.

The issue of TikTok has come up in various political debates.

Many states have banned their government employees from using the app.

Nikki Haley attacked Vivek Ramaswamy for using it as a political marketing tool.

Meanwhile, there’s no telling how much sensitive user data is being placed into the hands of the Chinese government.

Knowing that it could be arming China with sensitive information, why would anyone choose to use the app?

Well, it’s just so beneficial for businesses.

It’s the same reason why so many companies would love to offer “Made in USA” products, but the cost of manufacturing is consideringly cheaper in China. Therefore, they give the business to China so that they can make bigger profits. They just look the other way on the labor conditions.

Paul Jauregui is the founder of BK Beauty. He uses TikTok and the new e-commerce feature on the platform. He commented, “TikTok is just exploding for us.”

The company joined the platform in August, and by September, they were already seeing record sales of over 3,000 orders per day. They were even inducted into the Inc. 5000 company, which shows that their sales are really taking off.

Of course, Jauregui says that there’s a learning curve to get that kind of success. However, it only took about 30 days to not only set up the storefront and test transactions but also work out the bugs.

30 days to get that kind of success? It’s no wonder why so many people are using the app.

BK Beauty isn’t the only success story. There are countless others just like them talking about how TikTok has been a huge money-maker for their business.

You’ve also got those who don’t really have a business. They are simply TikTokers. It’s the newest profession. TikTok influencers post videos about makeup, fashion, online shopping, or even comedy. And the payout is considerable. Josh Richards is one of the top male influencers on the platform and is bringing in about $5 million a year. Meanwhile, Charli D’Amelio is considered the highest paid TikToker of 2023 with an estimated $17.5 million for the year.

If businesses and influencers can bring in that kind of cash, they’re wiling to look the other way on what info gets into the hands of the Chinese government.

That’s bad news for the US government, though. And it will make it that much harder to shut it all down.