Think Trump Gets Censored a Lot? RFK Jr and Ramaswamy are Worse!

Golden Dayz /
Golden Dayz /

Donald Trump may be one of the most censored politicians in history. He was kicked off Twitter while he was the sitting president simply because the liberals didn’t like what he had to say about COVID. Of course, now, he’s not on many of the platforms, so he can’t be censored as much as he was in the past.

If you think Trump is the only one getting censored, you’d be wrong.

Robert F Kennedy Jr and Vivek Ramaswamy are facing quite a bit of censorship, too.

Big Tech such as Google, Meta, and X are censoring these two candidates more than anyone else.

A new study showed that many of Biden’s opponents have been censored over 160 times!

NewsBusters made a list of those who were being censored:

  • Ramaswamy was censored 18 times
  • RFK Jr was censored 17 times
  • Haley was censored 14 times
  • Elder was censored 13 times

Meanwhile, Trump himself was only censored nine times.

Biden was supposedly censored a few times, but it was only about seven – and that’s likely because he wasn’t reading from the script that he was given.

It seems that all of the major platforms like to participate in censorship. Things like free speech and a difference of opinion will get a person censored – which means that it’s really hard to learn about what a candidate truly stands for.

Ramaswamy took his “most censored candidate” badge with honor and tweeted “the most censored candidate – for the high crime of stating hard facts about the climate agenda.”

The GOP candidate has been left out of Google searches, had context labels applied to his YouTube videos, and was even temporarily suspended by LinkedIn.

Apparently, Ramaswamy talks about climate change in a way that violates the various platforms’ user agreements.

RFK Jr is getting censored primarily because of talking about COVID-19, vaccines, as well as the assassination of his father.

This is all done to boost Biden. The liberal platforms know that Biden cannot win on his own, so they’ll change their policy guidelines to ensure that his challengers get left off of Google searches and that their messages get censored.

Who gave Big Tech authority to censor anything? Americans should be able to see whatever message is out there. We truly are intelligent enough to be able to determine fact from fiction. I personally trust myself over what Google and Facebook want to push as fact. After all, we saw how well that turned out for them during the COVID pandemic.