Ted Cruz Longs for Obama Days…

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

No conservative in their right mind would ever actually miss the Barack Obama administration, right? Well, according to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Biden’s administration is so bad he absolutely misses the days when Obama was in the White House.

Now, of course, Cruz is using hyperbole here. I’m sure he doesn’t actually miss Obama or the way he handled most things. However, I have to agree with his point here.

The comment was made during a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Cruz and other senators were faced with approving or disapproving of another of the Biden White House’s radical judiciary nominees.

In a 33-second clip posted to X on Thursday, Cruz is heard saying, “The judges that have been nominated by Joe Biden have been extraordinary. They have been extreme. They’ve been so egregious, they fill me with a sense I could not have previously imagined having, which is, I long for Barack Obama.”

Like I said, I’m sure that Cruz doesn’t really “long for Barack.”

As Cruz explains, he “disagreed with many of President Obama’s judicial nominees.” However, “they were comparatively moderate when put next to the radicals that the Biden White House keeps putting forward.”

Of course, it’s not just the judicial nominees that are so much more radical under Biden. Everything is.

We have radical economic plans that keep failing, an extremely open border, the likes of which no leader in his right mind would allow, and don’t even get me started on all the radical policies that have caused crime to skyrocket throughout the nation.

As left-leaning as we thought Obama was at the time, he and his staff are nothing compared to the disaster this nation has become under Biden. At least with Obama, things seemed to be sliding very slowly down a slippery slope. With Biden, it’s a full-on avalanche.

So no, we don’t really miss Obama. But it’s a good way of explaining just how disastrous Biden has been.