Tax Fraud & China Cash: Will Joe Biden Be Impeached?

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A growing body of evidence against the Biden crime family could mean that House Republicans are moving closer to impeaching “the Big Guy.” The House Oversight Committee announced on Friday that it had obtained the first tranche of bank records from the Biden family which prove they received a $1 million payout from the Communist Chinese Party. Curiously, the corrupt Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced that he’d be filing criminal charges against Donald Trump just one day after that announcement.

A bribery case will likely be difficult to prove against Joe Biden, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that he skirted income tax laws to launder his Chinese and Ukrainian money. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) outlined exactly how the $1 million payment from the CCP was divvied up among the Biden family.

First, a $3 million payment was sent to one of Hunter Biden’s business partners. That individual then split up $1.06 million and disbursed it to various members of the Biden family.
Hunter Biden received $610,692. Joe Biden’s totally incompetent brother James, who was arrested in the 1990s for stuffing videos from a Blockbuster store in his pants and trying to steal them, received $360,000. Hallie Biden, the widow of deceased Beau Biden who had an affair with crackhead Hunter, received $25,000.

The remaining $70,000 was transferred into a family account simply labeled “Biden.” It’s unclear from the records that House Republicans received exactly who owns the “Biden” account, but it definitely looks suspicious.

The GOP Reps also have whistleblowers coming forward who are describing how Joe and Jill Biden received foreign money and hid it from the IRS and all their required financial disclosures. The whistleblowers say the Bidens received their foreign cash from China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other hostile nations that Hunter and James Biden hit up for cash by using Joe’s name to subvert foreign policy. The money was not paid directly to Joe and Jill Biden.

Instead, the cash was paid to limited liability corporations (LLCs) that are owned by Joe and Jill Biden. The LLCs then paid for Joe and Dr. Jill’s living expenses. And in case no one has noticed, they live extremely lavish lifestyles in their various mansions. This is how the Bidens managed to claim they had “zero income” for several years after Joe left the Obama administration. The LLCs, flush with foreign cash, paid their mortgages on their mansions, their car payments, their utility bills, and so on.

That’s how Joe Biden is probably going to get nailed by the IRS. The whistleblowers allege that the Bidens did not report that the LLCs were paying their living expenses. They just reported that they had zero income. They probably figured that no one would ever bother to check to see just where their various LLCs were receiving cash from.

Given the unprecedented abuse of the impeachment process that Democrats committed against Donald Trump, it’s pretty much a given that House Republicans must impeach Joe Biden. The only way to make a bully stop punching you in the nose is to punch him in the nose. That’s what the impeachment of Biden will amount to punching the Democrat Party bullies in the nose.

We realize that there’s no way that the Senate will remove Biden from office (unfortunately). This is despite the fact that Joe Biden appears to have committed real financial crimes, whereas Donald Trump did nothing wrong to prompt either of the two sham impeachments against him.

Oversight Chairman Comer says this is just the first of ten tranches of Biden family bank records that they expect to examine. There’s a lot more to come in this story.