Supreme Court Blocks Texas from Securing the Border

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Ruben2533 /

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and the state legislature have been taking belated measures to finally try to secure the southern border. Appeals to the Biden regime fell on deaf ears for so long that they were forced to act. One of the measures Abbott signed into law, which was making a huge difference, was SB4. The illegal alien lobby sued Texas, and a federal appeals court judge imposed a stay to prevent the state from securing the border. In a surprise ruling Monday, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito extended that stay, so the border remains open for the time being.

SB4 designates illegally breaching the Texas-Mexico border as a state-level crime, in addition to being a federal crime. With SB4 in effect, it enables state and local law enforcement to arrest and prosecute invaders. The law also grants Texas judges the authority to simply kick illegal aliens out by sending them back to Mexico, rather than forcing the taxpayers to pay for a lengthy trial.

The Biden regime is arguing that SB4 is unconstitutional—because, of course, they are. In February, the regime convinced an Obama-appointed federal judge to halt the law. Biden’s lawyers argued that it violates federal immigration laws for states to help enforce federal immigration laws. Pause for a moment and let that schizophrenic reasoning sink in.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals suppressed that ruling, but it didn’t last long. Supreme Court Justice Alito has imposed a stay on administrative grounds. For the time being, Texas is prevented from enforcing SB4 and must allow every illegal alien terrorist and rapist into the country. The Biden Justice Department is asking for immediate relief from the courts to put a stop to Texas’s efforts.

Until the Fifth Circuit rules on the case, the border is to remain wide open in Texas. You’d think that someone at the federal level would want to err on the side of caution here. Instead, the Executive and Judicial branches of government have decided to err on the side of allowing packs of feral, machete-wielding child molesters into the country. They promise to be on their best behavior.

Texas is arguing that the Biden regime’s response to 20 million invaders has been inadequate, which might be the understatement of the century. Texas has been bearing the brunt of the invasion for the past three years as the federal government pretends that only it has the authority to regulate immigration. It’s infuriating to the Biden regime that many of Abbott’s efforts have been working.

Democrats who have been in charge of so-called sanctuary cities for decades are now facing a revolt from their own voters in 2024 because Abbott has been busing thousands of illegal aliens to them. When you take benefits away from poor Americans so you can give them to diseased foreigners who showed up 11 seconds ago, people take notice.

Abbott also caused border incursions to plunge by 99% overnight in Eagle Pass. After he had the Texas National Guard kick the border patrol out and installed waves of impenetrable razor wire, the mass invasion in Eagle Pass faded away to a small trickle. Instead of thousands crossing there every day, only a handful have been able to sneak in there.

It’s unclear when the Fifth Circuit will ultimately rule on SB4. The fact that the court suppressed the original ruling to shut down SB4 is promising. Even though Americans have been propagandized with a century of neoliberal lies about the “benefits” of immigration, some of the courts still appear to be willing to uphold the law. Let’s hope the Fifth Circuit makes the right decision and makes it quickly.