Squad Members Take Cue From Biden and Start Talking Out Both Sides of Their Mouths

Stephanie Kenner / shutterstock.com
Stephanie Kenner / shutterstock.com

On January 31st, the House of Representatives held a vote on the “No Immigration Benefits for Hamas Terrorists Act.” If enacted, this would block members of Hamas as well as Palestinian Islamic Jihad who were involved in the October 7th attacks from coming to the US. According to C-SPAN, the vote returned a 422-2-1 result. The two voting against it? Members of “The Squad” Reps. Cori Bush (D-MO) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). Little-known Rep. Della Ramirez (D-IL) simply responded as “Present.”

Rep. Tom McClintock’s (R-CA) act mandated, “any alien who carried out, participated in, planned, financed, afforded material support to, or otherwise facilitated any of the attacks against Israel initiated by Hamas beginning on October 7, 2023, is inadmissible,” from the US according to the text of the bill.

Both opponents of the act have been increasingly outspoken about Israel and called it an “apartheid state.” In their eyes, the Israeli response in Gaza is paramount to genocide, and have both demanded a ceasefire. Never mind the fact that both Reps have long had a history of racist conduct in their voting record, they fail to ever acknowledge Israel’s attempts at granting a ceasefire.

Tlaib’s office told the Daily Caller that the bill is “unnecessary because it is redundant with already existing federal law…just another GOP messaging bill being used to incite anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian, and anti-Muslim hatred that makes communities like ours unsafe.” Unfortunately for her, it is necessary. With their current rhetoric pushing to make illegals into automatic citizens, we need to dig in our heels now before they start trying to spread out and take their message of hate across the globe.