San Francisco is Such a Dump That Whole Foods Can’t Stay Open

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What used to be one of America’s prettiest cities has now become such a dump that even the most progressive companies are starting to flee. Whole Foods announced that it’s closing its store in the lefty area of Eighth and Market Street. The reason? There’s too much rampant crime in San Francisco now, in addition to the fact that it’s a total dump.

Whole Foods says it’s shutting the store down because it can’t find enough employees who are willing to come to work in Downtown San Francisco. It’s too dangerous. Getting from the parking lot into the store carries the very real risk of getting mugged by a hobo with a sharp object. Not to mention the fact that if you leave anything in your vehicle while you’re at work, thieves will smash the windows to steal.

It’s just not worth it for employees to try to come to work there anymore. Aside from that, everything in San Francisco is filthy. If you drive into the city across the bridge from Oakland, be sure to carry a bottle of Scope in your car. You’ll need it, once you start breathing the feces and urine-saturated air of San Francisco.

Whole Foods isn’t the only store fleeing San Francisco – it’s just the latest one. The city council is now expecting an $800 million budget shortfall by next year since they keep chasing their tax base away with their pro-drug and pro-criminal policies. The Whole Foods that just closed was the largest grocery store in Downtown San Francisco.

We shouldn’t feel sorry for the people of San Francisco for this, however. The notoriously “progressive” city voted for this. The last Republican mayor in the City of San Francisco was a guy named George Christopher, who no one remembers now. He was elected 67 years ago. Since then, San Francisco has been under leftist rule the entire time. And this is what it looks like: a total dump.