Report: China Helped Canadian Dictator Justin Trudeau Win Reelection in 2021

Art Babych /
Art Babych /

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has leaked documents to the Globe and Mail newspaper in London proving that Communist China ran interference operations to keep Prime Minister Justin “Castro” Trudeau’s Liberal Party in power in Canada in 2021. PM Trudeau has spoken in the past about how Communist China’s “basic dictatorship” fills him with lust for power.

Now, it appears that the lust goes both ways. And Americans should be asking themselves if China can cause election interference in Canada to keep their preferred candidate in office, could they be doing the same thing here in the (LOL-Biden-81-Million) US?

The documents from CSIS, which is Canada’s top spy agency and the equivalent of America’s CIA, prove that China ran disinformation and interference ops in Canada throughout the 2021 election cycle. Following his “reelection” in a fake election thanks to China’s help, Trudeau went on to become one of the worst COVID jihadist dictators in the world.

Canada is a notoriously polite country, but that didn’t stop Trudeau from declaring martial law to keep his subjects in line. He used police to viciously crush protesters who opposed forced vaccination with an experimental medicine that doesn’t even work. Trudeau’s government even seized the bank accounts of people who protested his right to rule over them.

As the Globe and Mail now report, the Communist Chinese government operated throughout 2021 (an election year) in Canada with two main goals in mind:

  • To defeat certain Conservative candidates that China hated, and;
  • To ensure that the wildly unpopular and hated Liberal Party was returned to power with Castro-Trudeau in power.

During the 2021 election cycle, the genocidal Communist Chinese government was “pressuring its consulates to create strategies to leverage politically [active] Chinese community members and associations within Canadian society.”

Canada has a minority-coalition group in charge of the government following the 2021 election, with Justin Trudeau as an illegitimate leader of that coalition. This was the exact outcome that Communist China wanted. If a majority coalition of conservatives had been elected, which a majority of Canadians would probably prefer, that party could easily pass policies that China would not like.

As the Globe and Mail reports, the Chinese Communist Party enjoys it “when the parties in Parliament are fighting with each other, whereas if there is a majority, the party in power can easily implement policies that do not favour the PRC.”

The CCP loves Justin Castro-Trudeau so much that they have a term to refer to his policies. Translated into English, the CCP prefers Trudeau’s “sunny ways” to those of anyone who would prefer to oppose the commies in Beijing.

The CSIC in Canada even compares the Conservative Party to President Donald Trump here in America, who they viciously hated. The CCP, according to the CSIS, wants to continue to steal Canada’s intellectual property, spying and other jerk behaviors that they have grown accustomed to. The consular official who leaked all of these documents to the Globe and Mail from the CSIS notes, “The Liberal Party of Canada is becoming the only party that the PRC can support.”

China’s government even went so far as to have agents directly donating money to Trudeau’s reelection campaign, and to bribe the Trudeau campaign into hiring Chinese spy agents as full-time campaign employees.

America sure has dodged a bullet by electing Joe Biden to our democracy with (LOL) 81 million votes! It would be awful if some foreign government had run an influence operation here in America to support the Democrat Party and thereby elect Joe Biden instead of the wildly popular Donald Trump, who won more votes in 2020 than any other Republican president in American history.

Good thing our elections are so safe and secure, so nothing like that could ever happen here!