Releasing Grizzlies into Rural Washington is the Biden Admin’s Latest Half-Baked Plan

Danita Delimont /
Danita Delimont /

Grizzly bears have superhuman physical strength. According to Yellowstone Bear World, they also have such a powerful biting force that they could split your body in half in mere seconds.

While it’s true that Grizzlies won’t attack unless provoked, no one wants to get close enough to the bears to put this tidbit to the test.

The Biden administration is making a move that they aren’t advertising. The US Fish & Wildlife Service, along with the National Park Service, will be reintroducing grizzlies to the North Cascades National Park, found in northern Washington.

This is a rural area – and bears don’t know boundaries. What that means is that grizzlies could easily wander out of the park and into some of the surrounding areas where people live and play.

There’s a Congressional Western Caucus of Republicans who are urging the Biden administration to pause these actions so that the public can voice their concerns. The caucus chairman, Dan Newhouse (R-WA) and six GOP lawmakers have issued a letter to ask that the public comment period be extended to 180 days.

Newhouse explained, “Time and again, northern Washingtonians have expressed their deep concerns about the introduction of grizzlies into the North Cascades, as they are a danger to the safety of their communities.”

The commissioners of Chelan County, Washington are particularly upset with the Biden administration’s plan. Since Chelan County is close to the North Cascades, they would likely see grizzlies within their local communities. In a letter to the NPS in 2022, they wrote, “We continue to oppose grizzly bear reintroduction given the likely negative impacts to public safety, economic development, recreation opportunities and the overall livelihood of our rural communities.”

No one from the US Fish & Wildlife Service or the National Park Service have commented about whether they’re willing to pause this plan.

For everyone close to the North Cascades, let’s hope they listen. Otherwise, Kamala Harris will soon be tasked with determining the “root cause” of a bunch of human/grizzly attacks in northern Washington.