Project Veritas to Go Under?

Ivelin Radkov /
Ivelin Radkov /

For a little over a decade, Project Veritas has stood as an example of what truth and true journalism is. But according to a few sources, their founder and leader, as well as the heart and soul of the organization, could be done for.

Per New York Magazine, sources close to the group are becoming increasingly concerned about its future. Most notable is the worry that James O’Keefe, the man who brought Project Veritas to the forefront of some of the most explosive stories in the world, may no longer be a part of the group.

The magazine noted that O’Keefe seems to be on paid leave and has been for a couple of weeks now. But whether it’s voluntary or part of a larger movement to possibly kick him out of his company isn’t yet known.

The group’s executive director Daniel Strack sent out an internal memo telling employees that O’Keefe would be enjoying “a few weeks of well-deserved PTO in the coming weeks.” After all, O’Keefe isn’t just the founder but the on-camera presenter for each report, making him a key part of all that the nonprofit is and about.

Surely, years of hard work deserve some time off.

But what makes this rather mysterious is that the news outlet says that O’Keefe has not been able to be reached via calls or texts on his private and personal cell phone either, an oddity for a man who is usually so transparent. Adding to this is the fact that his official Twitter and Instagram accounts have also been silent since last week.

Naturally, those at the magazine and elsewhere have begun to consider that perhaps the time off isn’t just a much-needed family vacation.

These concerns were only verified when the organization’s Twitter account posted on Wednesday that its board of directors and management was “constantly evaluating what the best path forward is.” O’Keefe’s employment status was not mentioned at all. However, additional statements insinuated that some very major changes to the nonprofit were being made and considered.

I mean, what else can be indicated by stating that management and boards were meeting to discuss “the health of the organization?”

Additionally, those like Strack have said that while not every necessary decision has been made yet, some crucial ones have. Could the firing of O’Keefe, or at least a stripping of his authority, be one of them?

So why is O’Keefe possibly being ousted?

Well, according to some, he’s not exactly the easiest to work with or for. In fact, the Project Veritas founder is presently involved in a number of legal battles with former employees who claim that he is a rather demanding, angry, and even erratic boss.

And more recently, at least one story in which O’Keefe was heavily involved seems to be a bit uncertain.

You might have heard about it.

According to the organization, a Pfizer whistleblower claimed that the health group intentionally mutated the COVID-19 virus. However, it was found to be doubtful whether this particular Pfizer employee would have access to such information. Such a claim then caused Project Veritas’ homework, or, more specifically, O’Keefe’s journalistic endeavors, to be questioned.

Then there is the controversy surrounding how Project Veritas and O’Keefe ended up with a stolen diary of Ashley Biden, the daughter of Democratic President Joe Biden.

Naturally, the combination of all these has laid out some reasons for concern, and most revolve around O’Keefe.

But with everyone being so hush-hush about it all, much is still unknown.

One thing is clear, though, without O’Keefe, the group may not last much longer. At the very least, the conservative movement will have lost a key fighter for truth.