NYPD Forced To Break Up Pro-Hamas Protesters Shutting Down JFK

Ron Adar / shutterstock.com
Ron Adar / shutterstock.com

On New Year’s Day, pro-Hamas protesters decided it was time for a shift in their tactics for disruption and attention. As reported by Scooter Caster, they shut down the Belt Parkway, blocking off Terminal 4 from traffic. Their goal was simple, to “Flood JFK for Gaza.”

As officers closed in, the group maintained their presence in their vehicles. Smart enough to know New Yorkers wouldn’t allow them to make a human chain, someone would simply move them, one way or another. Caster followed up by explaining, “NYPD blocking the Pro-Palestine protesters as they are driving near the freeway, chanting: ‘NYPD KKK, IDF they are All The Same’ Cops scream ‘Get out of the car! as one car hits an officer while he was navigating traffic. Group was let go.”

Protests like these are incredibly dangerous. Not only an inappropriate venue, but it also lacks the kind of message that will make anyone besides their parents care about their protest or their cause. Instead, these serve as little more than a distraction and an annoyance. In the last 20 years, not even one of these protests has spurned into notable action unless they turn violent. By turning violent, these protesters often get the attention they want but no tangible results. No lasting change.

One point many believe these protesters must acknowledge is just how morally wrong it is to bring a pro-Islamic protest to a NYC airport. While none of the 9/11 planes originated at JFK, the sentiment from that day still rightfully resounds here. Even the Muslims of NYC who remember America pre-9/11 would tell you that this protest is morally bankrupt.

Many of these protesters are young. Unfamiliar with the ways of Hamas or just how anti-LGTBQ that corner of the world is, the liberals who bend for the rainbow flag also stand for and with Palestine. The number of ‘Q**ers for Palestine’ signs and rainbow-overlaid Palestine flags seen at these rallies is mind-numbing. These smooth-brainers believe that if they stand with them, they’ll suddenly be accepted by them.

When offered the opportunity to learn more about the attacks being staged by Hamas for Palestine, these protestors start yelling about staged, fake, or previously recorded footage. Yet the clips from their side clearly show movie prop dolls or AI edits being done. Confronted with the truth about Hamas and their positions for the world, the liberals are quick to call someone out for being something offensive. Unwilling or unable to comprehend the truth, they simply burn out and lose it, crying or screaming.

Commuters who were impacted by these protesters found themselves often lost as to why these crybabies thought the protest was a wise idea or right to delay their travel. Sadly, the protesters’ mindset has been that ‘civil disobedience’ and ‘inconvenience’ were small prices everyone could pay so they would pay attention. Now paying closer attention to their protests, the truth becomes quite clear.

Truth be told, the overwhelming reason people are protesting for Palestine is because they make themselves the victims. By being the victim in their story, they can ensure they get the attention they want. That’s all these protests are- a manipulative way to get the attention mommy and daddy didn’t give them or gave them far too much of. No matter how much change, adaptation, or laws they enacted, it’s never enough for them.

Shutting down a terminal of JFK is just the latest in their temper tantrums. Previously staging them in LA, San Francisco, across Europe, and Chicago, they are often picking soft target places with a high concentration of their fellow liberals. Quick to pick up a flag to join the fight, a good number of them have no clue exactly why they’re protesting, but they’re made about it!!