MO Republicans Sprayed the Heat This 4th of July

Valery Sidelnykov /
Valery Sidelnykov /

Rep. Eric Burlison (R-MO) went back to his roots for the Fourth of July this year. Just like he did in 2022, he brought back out his trusty flamethrower to get the spirit of the Fourth rolling in full force. In the clip, he encourages Americans to get out there and “Shoot some fireworks, or something else. Enjoy some great outdoor food, but most importantly, be unapologetically proud of the greatest, freest nation on earth.”

This is the message that should be coming from the President’s office. Quite simply, it sums up the reason for the season in two short sentences. This amazing land needs people to get out and celebrate what our forefathers went into battle for. In trade for this freedom, some of the best men our nation has ever seen chose to lay down their lives in defense of it, and celebrating like Burlison is calling for is the best way to celebrate their lives, as well as the independence of this great land.

Representing an area of Missouri’s deeply red Seventh District on the border of Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, and is also the newest member of the House Freedom Caucus. He also spends his time on the Oversight, Education, and Transportation committees. These committees make up a large chunk of the backbone of industrial growth here in America.

While serving as a state lawmaker he took on the National Firearms Act (NFA). He continued this trend his first year in office as he and a group of several others pushed to get the NFA dropped completely. This act of defiance inspired so many but made the left bitterly mad. Just like last year’s video did.