Michelle Obama Proves Exactly What’s Wrong with the Left in This One Complaint

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stock_photo_world / shutterstock.com

We all know there is a lot wrong with the political left. And while it might be hard to prove at moments, Michelle Obama has always done a pretty good of doing just that.

For instance, one of her most recent series of remarks should be all the proof you ever need.

If you weren’t aware, she has a podcast… I know, none of you should be surprised. Neither should you be surprised that her name followed by the phrase “The Light Podcast,” is the title. Of course, she would consider herself a source of light and truth…

In any case, a Tuesday clip from this podcast revealed Michelle’s wonderings and mindset during the time when the Trump family replaced the Obamas in the White House. More specifically, she commented on Inauguration Day of former President Donald Trump.

Undoubtedly, the day would have been filled with more than a few stressors. First of all, she would have been leaving, officially, the place she had called home for the last eight years. But secondly, and far more important, she and her family were being replaced with what she called the exact “opposite of what we represented.”

And yes, of course, she meant race as well as political standing and associations.

She said, “To sit on that stage and watch the opposite of what we represented on display – there was no diversity, there was no color on that stage. There was no reflection of the broader sense of America.”

Now, to be clear, at first, there might not have seemed to be a whole lot of diversity up there. But if you remember correctly, Trump took his dear sweet time appointing his cabinet and staff members.

Even more important was the fact that those members were chosen not for all right boxes that they checked but for their actual accomplishments, which cannot be said of Biden’s cabinet.

But this so-called lack of diversity, along with a few other things, apparently put Obama in quite a sour mood that day. And almost every picture or video taken of her that day can attest to it.

In fact, her mood was so apparent that numerous people have commented on it over the years, asking her about it.

And while she didn’t really attempt to hide that mood at all, she does claim that she held “it together like you do for eight years.”

She then noted that once the doors to Air Force One closed on her for the last time, she finally broke down into “uncontrollable sobbing” for “30 minutes straight.” She continued, “That’s how much we held it together for eight years.”

Now, forgive me if I’m wrong, but crying about having to hold it together doesn’t seem like it fits here. That’s not to say that she didn’t have to hold it together some or that the job of being FLOTUS isn’t stressful. I’m sure that it is.

But she was just going on about mad she was that it was Trump and the Republicans taking her place, and the next thing you know, she’s talking about how it all made her cry. Only it wasn’t Trump that made her cry.

It was her inability to keep it together any longer. It was the release of the stress that came with the job. That sounds like a personal problem, not one that involves the Trumps or diversity.

Of course, that was not the end of Obama’s rantings about that day.

She also remarked how she noted that there “weren’t that many people” on the Capitol grounds on Trump’s inauguration day. Naturally, she was trying to take a stab at him, insinuating that he wasn’t all that popular and perhaps contributing to the conspiracy that he had somehow cheated his way into the Oval Office.

But like usual, she failed to either think about or acknowledge the fact that the capital as a whole was under stress that day from multiple leftist-leaning protest groups, some who started riot-like behavior, breaking into windows, starting fires, looting, etc.

I might have wanted very badly to come out and support Trump’s inauguration that day. But with all that going on, I’d likely think twice about doing so.

All this proves is what we know already; all these liberal hypocrites want to do is complain.