MA Middle School Caught Chumming the Waters for Grooming Students

Roman Chazov /
Roman Chazov /

Pedophiles find the most unusual and unexpected ways to groom their victims. Now, a middle school in Boston has tried gathering information for these monsters under the guise of a project from the Center for Disease Control. With the information they were attempting to gather, they could easily manipulate these kids into doing whatever they wanted.

Eliot K-8 Innovation School sent home a “Youth Risk Behavior Survey” from the CDC as a part of a district-wide survey, according to The Washington Free Beacon. Distributed to middle school students only, the survey asked students questions like “Are you transgender?” and “Have you ever had sexual intercourse?” among other more seemingly innocent questions.

The combination of sexually-based questions being mixed in with questions about sports, their home lives, and likes/dislikes provides a roadmap for any predator to follow perfectly. These kinds of questions are commonly referred to in the process of grooming a child. Gaining their trust and getting them to open up is something convicted pedophiles tend to enjoy talking about as if it’s a point of pride,

In response to the outrage, the school contacted parents across the district via email. Inside the email, they openly admitted that the “age appropriateness” of the questions was questionable. A simple offer to pass along their concerns to the Superintendent’s Office, the Office of Teaching and Learning, and the Department of Health and Wellness was also given along with the commitment to later have a Zoom meeting for all parents to voice their concerns.

Given the liberal fight to expose kids to sexuality and the pervasive messages of an indecent life at a younger and younger age, the fight to put barriers in place rages on. Many Americans are refusing to allow their children to attend public school in recent years as a result. With the COVID precautions that brought about not only some disastrous results but also additional grooming opportunities, many worry for their child’s safety.

Surveys like this have been cited in numerous cases of teachers seducing and raping students. Both men and women have been caught doing this, with their victims as young as 12 years old, they are abusing their positions of authority and taking advantage of the very people they are paid to influence and protect. While they are supposed to be done anonymously, these teachers see their handwriting every day, and they know whose handwriting is whose.

Information like what’s in these surveys is also how the Catholic church and its priests have become poisoned as well. With the number of priests being relocated due to issues only rising following the emergence of COVID, it is a pandemic and an assault on the American value system. Until someone does something to fix the issues, pedophiles will continue to worm their way into our homes and into our kid’s pants.

Thankfully, governors in beautiful conservative havens like Florida and Texas aren’t allowing these creeps to penetrate their states without opposition. By placing restrictions on explicit content in schools, they are allowing kids to maintain their sense of wonderment just a bit longer. It’s already unfair to many kids just how quickly they have to grow up. Between liberal parents using them to virtue signal and a system designed to fail them, the illusion of the world being good and growing up being a beautiful thing is easily destroyed as the rose-colored glasses they see the world through are shattered.

How the CDC, Eliot K-8 Innovation School, or anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond comprehension. While the world kids are growing up in has changed, it is the responsibility of that school to keep them safe, not to give pedophiles a roadmap to violating their trust and taking advantage of their secrets.