Long Island is Painted Red

Jayne Lipkovich / shutterstock.com
Jayne Lipkovich / shutterstock.com

With an off-year election now behind us, many are even more certain of a political shift at work nationwide. And nowhere was that seen quite as much as on Long Island, New York.

As part of not only New York but also New York City, you’d expect much of the electorate to lean to the political left. After all, New York has been one of the most ardent liberal strongholds for decades now.

However, it would seem that the electorate is finally seeing the error of voting blue, or at least voting blue in today’s more progressive time.

This was noted by the New York Post on Wednesday after every countywide office on the Island was reported to have gone to the GOP.

As the Post reported, the Suffolk County executive office is now home to Republican Ed Romaine, who won in a landslide victory over Democrat David Calone. Romaine won 57 percent of the vote. Calone had a whopping 26,000 votes less.

Romaine’s office was the last to go to a member of the GOP, making the Island completely under GOP control. It was noted that on top of countywide offices, the Suffolk County legislature now has a Republican supermajority.

Of course, this is on top of the fact that all four of the Island’s congressional seats are also currently held by GOP members as of last fall’s election cycle.

As I said, the Island has gone red.

As former US Senator Al D’Amato told the Post, this is essentially a “political earthquake.”

Never before has the Island seen such a strong GOP presence in leadership. For D’Amato, the fault is entirely the Democrats.

“The borders are in chaos. There’s nothing for Democrats to come and vote for. And those who are coming to vote are voting for Republicans in local races.”

Former NY Congressman Lee Zeldin said similar things, noting that independents, “blanks” (not registered with a party), and even Democrats have been seen voting Republican this year.

“The electorate is not happy with what they see coming out of the city. There are issues like the migrant crisis and cashless bail.” Zeldin, who is Jewish, noted that the recent Israel/Hamas conflict is also “waking up the electorate” and making them realize just how far to the left and towards evil the Democratic Party has fallen.

To put it bluntly, this (the disastrous state of our nation) is not what anyone signed up for, even Democrats. And so many are reluctant to continue voting blue after seeing such devastating policies put forward by their own party members.

Of course, Long Island is not the only area in which red seats were unusually won.

While Kentucky’s Democrat incumbent governor kept his seat, the rest of the state went to GOP members. In Mississippi, GOP Governor Tate Reeves just barely won but, again, every other Republican on the ticket “CRUSHED” their opposition, according to conservative commentator Todd Starnes.

Hell, a Republican was even elected in the very blue Bronx to sit on New York City’s council…

If that doesn’t say things are changing, nothing will.