Liberal Political Scientist’s Racist Comments Are Indicative of a Deeper Democrat Problem 

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The ongoing liberal assault on people of color continues to reveal how Black Americans who diverge from expected political norms are often dismissed or ridiculed. During a recent appearance on CNN, political scientist Larry Sabato downplayed the significance of polls indicating former President Donald Trump’s lead over President Joe Biden in key states for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. Sabato specifically questioned the figures that suggested Black voters supported Trump despite his prior indictments. 

Sabato, founder and director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, suggested that declining approval ratings for President Biden during his third year were not uncommon. He emphasized that outreach to specific groups typically intensifies as the campaign progresses. However, Sabato’s skepticism about the poll results, particularly the 22 percent support for Trump among Black voters, led him to predict that the final Black vote for Trump would likely be between 8 and 13 percent. His observation drew agreement and laughter from CNN host CNN host Fredricka Whitfield. 

This attitude reflects a deeper issue. Democrats assuming that Black Americans share a collective mindset is dismissive, offensive, and racially insensitive. The notion that Black Americans would unquestioningly rally behind Biden in the 2024 elections is emblematic of this problem. 

Trump’s numerous legal battles are symbolic of a criminal justice system that many African Americans view as unjust. The Democrats’ attempts to target Trump with legal actions are backfiring and having the opposite effect on their Black voter base, who believe the cases are politically motivated and unfair. 

In addition, Black voters are enduring the hardships of Biden’s persistent inflation, which affects them even more due to their lower incomes compared to whites. Their median Black household income in 2023 is just under $60,000, making them more vulnerable to the erosion of their income’s value by inflation, compounded by government policies. 

During the Trump administration, Black workers experienced significant gains compared to previous Democratic and Republican presidents. Black unemployment dropped below 6% for the first time since 1972, and Black poverty rates decreased to levels below 20% for the first time since World War II. Black families also saw their median household income increase by 15.4% from 2017 to 2019, surpassing the 11.5% growth for white families. 

Rob Smith, a black, gay, former Democrat, combat veteran, and author, is a leading figure in the “I Don’t Have to Be a Democrat Just Because I’m Black” movement. This movement advocates for traditional values as an alternative to the Democratic Party’s radicalism. Smith points out the sense of betrayal felt by many Black Democrats as they defect from a party that seems to have forsaken them in favor of a new voting bloc of illegal immigrants. 

Furthermore, Smith challenges the stereotype that all Black Americans must vote for the Democratic Party, emphasizing that there is a growing movement of younger black conservatives who refuse to be defined or controlled by any single political group. 

Sheila Lewis Ealey, an African-American mother from Texas, echoes these sentiments. She notes that after slavery, Black Americans initially aligned with the Republican Party, which had fought for their rights. However, a revisionist history has led some to switch to the Democratic Party, primarily because it supported the Civil Rights Act during the Kennedy administration. Ealey emphasizes the historically conservative values held by Black Americans, including their opposition to abortion and firm adherence to biblical principles. That makes the progressive agenda unappealing to many Black voters. 

Many high-profile Black celebrities led the mass defection of Blacks from the Democratic party like Kanye West, and political figures such as Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and Candace Owens. These celebrities represent a significant turning point in the ongoing cultural “civil war” surrounding a powerful and timely idea: the recognition that Black individuals should be seen as unique and not bound by the Democrat Party’s control. They highlight the evolution of black liberation beyond the victim mentality Democrats purposefully insist they have earned. Ironically, this evolution has led many to support a president who is frequently portrayed as a “racist” by the white, liberal mainstream media. 

All these indicators emphasize a critical truth that Democrats seem to be disregarding: the narrative of victimhood and entitlement no longer has a hold on the Black voting bloc as it undergoes a significant transformation. Liberal “experts” like Sabato, who dismiss this shift with laughter and mockery, do so at their own peril.

The Black vote can no longer be taken for granted, and the party that persistently questions the ability of Black Americans to make informed decisions, perform basic tasks like math, or even register for an ID is in jeopardy if they continue to ignore the massive defection of their traditionally steadfast voting base.