“Is Raping Allowed?” Prank Caller Tries to Get Her Hamas TERRORIST Son Admitted to Harvard

ParinPix / shutterstock.com
ParinPix / shutterstock.com

Harvard University has managed to infuriate a lot of people in the last month-and-a-half since the October 7th attack in Israel by Hamas. A large number of student groups immediately came out in support of Hamas and the Palestinian people. That, of course, infuriated a lot of the Jewish alumni at Harvard, and tons of right-wing talking heads were disgusted by it as well—even the sensible ones calling for limited US involvement.

In the latest black eye that Harvard just received, a woman successfully prank-called the admissions office and tried to get her Hamas terrorist son admitted next year!

Immediately after the October 7 attack, the Harvard Palestinian Solidarity Committee and 33 other student organizations signed a letter blaming Israel for the attack. They have the right to do that, obviously—free speech and whatnot—but it was kind of weird for many people to discover that a college campus like Harvard was such a hotbed of anti-Israel sentiment.

Here we are weeks later, and Harvard is still getting pummeled for it. In a hilarious prank call, a woman pretends to be a Muslim mom calling the Harvard admissions office. She proudly tells the admissions employee that her son is a “real political activist,” having fought for Hamas in the “fight of October 7th.”

She also notes that her son didn’t rape anyone during the attack. She claims he just killed women because he’s a feminist.

It’s pretty clear that the admissions officer realized he was being prank-called at some point, but we have to give him props for hanging in there. He answered every question that the “Muslim mom” asked, including ones about whether raping is allowed on campus.

You can listen to the entire prank call—which has been authenticated—here: