Is Melania Sticking by Trump Through Indictment?

Debby Wong /
Debby Wong /

With former President Donald Trump officially having been indicted, you would think that a good number of people, including those close to him, might start second-guessing their support and loyalty to him. But as inside sources tell us, most have only doubled down on that support, and his wife, Melania Trump, is among those.

People reported that the entire Trump family was rather shocked when they originally learned of the indictment from a “political source.” However, it didn’t take long for them to formulate a plan of action and how they would proceed.

The plan was essentially just to keep living their lives as usual and deal with the charges, should they come. And Melania’s support of her husband never wavered.

As a source reported, “They weren’t expecting it, but Melania will support him. That’s what she does. They are a family.”

Another source told People that while the family might have been concerned with what was to come, they did not let it interfere with their daily lives.

On Thursday, the day they were notified about the criminal charges, they still went out to lunch with friends and even attended a social event that evening.

Trump advisor Gina Loudon said that they acted as though everything was normal on that day.

And to be sure, it likely was.

I mean, how long has the political left been going after Trump and his family? How often have people shown up at their door, intruded upon their daily lives, or even made claims and accusations that weren’t true?

As one source said of the family, “Like usual, drama swirls around them, and they wade through it. It’s part of their lives.”

Thankfully, they have no shortage of those loyal to them to help them make it through. As Loudon tweeted out evidence that “Our REAL First Couple” was “enveloped in the love of their friends and most loyal.”

And she wasn’t the only one to present a similar image of the family undergoing what could have been a very stressful time.

As a source from the Daily Mail said more specifically of Melania, “Mrs. Trump is strong. She is focused on her family and stands behind her husband, as she always has. For the past seven years, the left has made multiple attempts to smear and attack her family and this is just the latest attempt to bring him down.”

As always, Melania stands as an example to the rest of us, constantly showing love, loyalty, and respect to those around, even in times when most would consider bailing for calmer waters.