Gavin Newsom Fled to Mexico as California Residents Starved and Froze to Death Over the Weekend

Amir Aziz /
Amir Aziz /

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom of California wants to be president very, very much. He’s got the hair to prove it. He doesn’t have much in the way of “leadership skills” that you might want in a president, but he’s definitely got the hair.

And if you want a sense of how Gavin Newsom will run the country if he is elected through some miracle, look no further than the way he governs his home state. As stranded Southern Californians were snowed in, starving, and freezing to death over the weekend, Governor Hair Gel took a vacation to sunny Baja, Mexico.

The situation in the San Bernardino Mountains has been horrible over the weekend. California received a record snowstorm over the weekend, and virtually no one was prepared for it. It’s not like the weather forecasters warned anyone until the storm was happening. They also don’t have any snowplows, because whenever it does bother to snow in this high desert location, it usually melts off before lunchtime.

But the mountain communities suddenly received 6 to 8 feet of snow starting late last week. Their driveways were snowed in. Every street was clogged with snow. While this may not seem like a catastrophe to Americans from Minnesota or other snowy states, it’s really bad for the small communities of rural Trump supporters in SoCal.

Breitbart News published photos over the weekend of empty store shelves and long lines of people begging for food. People are writing “HELP US” in the snow, hoping that a passing plane will drop supplies. The roof of the only grocery store in the town of Crestline collapsed under the weight of the snow. Several homes and additional buildings have collapsed from the tons of snow, and it’s unclear at this point if the homes were occupied.

Reporter David Gonzalez from ABC7 in Los Angeles managed to walk into Crestline and reported on the tragic situation. People are lining up for hours as the city doles out what little food is left. Whatever could be retrieved from the collapsed grocery store is being simply donated to the community. Diabetics and cancer patients who need medication or treatment are unable to get out. Nobody can get out unless they trudge through the snow.

Gonzalez reported walking past one man who had walked down as far as he could to reach a plowed road, where someone gave him a crate of MREs that he was carrying back to his home. The power is out because lines are collapsed everywhere, so many people have no heat and no electricity, in addition to no food.

As Gonzalez stated, “People, sadly, are probably dying up here, which is crazy to think about.”

Governor Newsom hasn’t even sent in the National Guard to try to help these communities, which have populations of 10,000 residents or more. The fact that they’re from a red part of the state that heavily voted for Donald Trump probably played a factor in Newsom’s inaction. One can’t help but think of the similarities to how the Joe Biden administration has abandoned the people of East Palestine, Ohio to die from chemical poisoning.

Newsom was finally found vacationing in Baja, Mexico, and immediately flew back to California to “address the crisis.” Yeah. The only reason he flew back and is now doing something is that the optics were terrible. Citizens in his state were freezing and starving to death, while Governor Hair Gel was working on his suntan.

If you want to know how Gavin Newsom would operate if he should ever become president, this is it. He bails on his political enemies and leaves them to die. Let’s pray that he never ends up in the White House as anything other than a visitor.