Forgetful Biden Now Claims He Never Declared ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ on Easter

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

Public backlash against Joe Biden’s repulsive and anti-Christian Easter Sunday stunt has been so furious that the White House is now claiming that it never happened. Joe Biden signed his name to the proclamation declaring Easter—the holiest day of the year in Christendom—to now be the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” It’s one of the worst cases of gaslighting that the American people have ever seen.

In addition to signing a full proclamation that defecated on the Christian holiday, Biden’s handlers posted this on his Twitter/X feed:

Note the reference to God, in case you were wondering whether this was the most blasphemous and unholy act that an American president has ever carried out. The message was tweeted on Easter Sunday.

Yet on Monday, after Biden had been denounced across the country even by some leftwing pastors and priests, not to mention the general public, he started denying that he had even done it.

Reporter Philip Wegmann with RealClear Politics said he specifically asked Joe Biden about his effort to rebrand Easter as a transgender abomination, Biden claimed it never happened.

“I didn’t do that,” stated Biden.

Wegmann noted that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) had noted otherwise, and Biden said, “He’s thoroughly uninformed.”

Setting aside the fact that Joe Biden just insulted the founding faith of our country and committed a horrible form of blasphemy, this is kind of terrifying. Does the guy sitting in the Oval Office really not know what his staffers are signing his name to these days? Or did he simply forget what happened the day before?

Either way, it’s a terrible sign for the country and all the more reason to vote him out of office in November.