Florida Man Proves Crimes Can Be Committed Without Guns

AJC designs / shutterstock.com
AJC designs / shutterstock.com

If you listen to the left, the only way that people are dying is because of guns. They would have you believe that if everyone turned over their guns, there would be no more senseless murders.

What the left fails to understand is that murderers want to murder – and they’ll use whatever weapon they can find.

Enter Florida Man. He doesn’t need a gun. In fact, he’ll even use a power tool to kill his teenage son. That’s exactly what happened recently in Polk County, Florida.

A man allegedly killed his son using a power angle grinder. Then, he left the son’s remains to be found by the teen’s grandfather.

Grady Judd, the Polk County Sheriff, has explained that the man,  Stephen Thomas Rodda, has already been taken into police custody. “It breaks our heart. There aren’t adequate words to explain how horrific this event is.”

Rodda’s family said that he not only had a long criminal history but that he was also a meth user.

The victim, meanwhile, had been in 11th grade and was studying to be an electrician. He was living with his grandfather.

As for the motive behind the murder, that’s still being investigated.

As for the Second Amendment? It needs to remain firmly intact. Anything can be turned into a weapon if someone is intent on murder – even power tools, unfortunately, can be turned into murder weapons.

We don’t see the liberal left coming for anyone’s angle grinders yet, do we?