Eager for Trump to Lose in 2024, Republicans Call for Raising the Retirement Age

Hyejin Kang / shutterstock.com
Hyejin Kang / shutterstock.com

Professional Republicans in Congress have an uncanny knack for pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. The 2024 election should be a catastrophic landslide in favor of the GOP. Running against Joe Biden and his lunatic party should be a slam dunk. Yet now that Donald Trump is leading Biden in the polls—even in some blue states—the GOP’s instincts to curl up in a fetal position and wet themselves have started to resurface. Out of all the bad ideas they could come up with in an election year, the House Republican Study Committee wants to raise the retirement age in America.

Approximately 80% of the Republicans in the House belong to the Study Committee, so this is not some small, fringe group. They’ve decided that they want to challenge “Joe Biden’s reckless spending” by tying social security retirement eligibility to life expectancy. When social security was created in 1935, life expectancy was about 61 years for men and 65 for women. That’s nearly 20 years lower than today.

Social security is not in any danger of insolvency, contrary to popular belief. President Donald Trump just proved during his amazing term in office how social security can be preserved without raising taxes, without raising the retirement age, and without playing stunts that will infuriate and mobilize opposition voters in an election year.

First, impose crippling tariffs on imports that should never have been offshored to places like China, Vietnam, or Mexico. Second, watch as companies are incentivized to come back to America and reopen manufacturing plants that provide jobs for Americans. Third, behold working Americans become taxpayers and shore up social security with nothing more than their regular taxes.

That’s it. The only thing necessary to “shore up” social security forever is putting America first. When did Republicans in Congress decide that social security was a program that their voters are somehow opposed to anyway?

The lack of self-awareness in the House GOP is truly remarkable in this instance. They plan to prove themselves to be fiscal hawks by trying to cut social security in an election year—right after they just passed another $1.2 trillion “minibus” abomination bill that was so packed with pork that Muslims can’t even stand downwind from it.

These idiot Republicans didn’t even know what they were voting for. Here’s one example:

$850,000 for an LGBTQ senior assisted living center.

Here’s another:

$400,000 for an LGBTQIA2s+ youth center that provides chest binders and “tuck equipment” for transgender youths ages 12-18.

Just those two cherry-picked items combined spend $1,250,000 on the Democrat Party’s weird sex stuff. That’s enough money to fully fund the social security payments for nearly 100 elderly Americans for a year.

Hey, Republicans: Can you at least draw the line at not funding things related to anal sex with our tax dollars? Can we start with that as a baseline?

They also gave the FBI another huge pay increase and another $2 billion for a new headquarters. It’s not as if the FBI has ruthlessly been hunting down Republican voters for the past three years and destroying their lives for questioning the results of the 2020 election.

The House GOP just spent money like a drunken sailor on shore leave and now expects to turn around and tell us that they’re cutting your social security because Joe Biden is irresponsible with money. There’s only one logical conclusion that we can come to when this happens.

Most of the Republicans in Congress are secret Trump haters and they would rather lose in November than have him back in the White House next year.